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AnyFont helps you configure custom fonts for all your iOS applications

AnyFont (US$1.99) enables you to add custom True Type and Open Type fonts to your iOS device for use in any application. When I first heard about this app, I was curious. How could an app like this "break sandboxing," the security feature that keeps each app separate and safe? I contact the...

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These five surprisingly pointless OS X mods may amuse you

I recently went hunting for interesting OS X mods. For every useful item that turned up, I found lots of dead ends. Many items read by the OS X preferences system (through, for example, calls to CFPreferencesCopyAppValue) have little or no application to end-user needs. They're there primarily...

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Awesome Safari tip in iOS 7 you probably weren't aware of

Mobile Safari in iOS 7 introduced a number of new and interesting changes to the way users browse the web and access information. One such feature you may not be familiar with is dubbed "Shared Links." "Shared Links" allows you to quickly and seamlessly scroll through all of the links in your...

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This one weird Siri feature turned me into a Bing user

Even Spider-Man couldn't make Bing cool. So when Apple introduced Bing integration into its Siri voice assistant for iOS 7, I wasn't exactly thrilled by the change. Bing is basically the search engine equivalent of the sixth Doctor, loud clothes and all. Sure, Apple included a Google workaround for...

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Mac 101: An introduction to keyboard shortcuts in Safari for Mac

More Mac 101, tips and tricks for novice Mac users. A long time friend of mine, who is also a long-time Windows user, has recently bought a MacBook Air. Like any transition, it's not been without its hiccups. But he's really pleased with his new purchase. He's also a first time user of Safari, so...

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Friday Favorite: How Keyboard Maestro saved my Mavericks macros

Bless Keyboard Maestro. It's not as if we haven't already given it coverage here at TUAW, but I fought to make it today's Friday Favorite because it pulled my grits out of the fire after I upgraded to Mavericks. Me? I've been a Quickeys user since the freaking 1980's. One gets used to an app....

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Google agrees to $17 million settlement in Safari privacy case

It's sometimes easy to forget, what with all of Google's various ventures and services, that the search giant's impressive revenue stream comes almost entirely from advertising revenue. To that end, Google has an extremely strong interest in keeping tabs on what users are up to online so that they...

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Friday Favorite: Yet another reason to love Printopia

I'm a huge fan of Ecamm's Printopia utility. For just 20 bucks, it enables you to print from iOS to any printer connected to your Mac. You don't need to buy a high-priced AirPlay-enabled system. I'm running Printopia with an old piece-of-junk Brother laser printer that is older than some of my...

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With Mavericks just around the corner, websites begin supporting Safari push notifications

Apple is expected to unveil -- and ship shortly thereafter -- the final version of OS X 10.9 Mavericks at its media event today. With the new OS' launch fast approaching, some big-name websites have decided to switch on Safari push notifications a little early, notes MacRumors. If you're currently...

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5 QuickTime Player Secrets

It's easy to overlook the power of the steady and dependable QuickTime Player. Built right into OS X, many users don't necessarily think of it as a sophisticated app. Despite that, Apple has engineered some great features for it. Here are five of our faves. Change the playback rate. When you're...

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Daily Update for October 16, 2013

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requires...

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Safari tops Fixya mobile browser usability scores

Fixya is a Q&A website that compiles fix-it requests for a variety of items from cars and chainsaws to routers and monitors. Recently, the site turned its attention to mobile browsers, looking through a total of 61,582 different help requests for the category to determine which browser had the...

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How to search a webpage for a specific word in mobile Safari

One of the great, and yet little known, features in mobile Safari is that it allows you to search a webpage for a specific word. This feature is a lifesaver if you happen to come across a lengthy article, for example, and want to quickly skip ahead to a particular segment of the document. Here's...

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Snoopy lets you examine websites with Mobile Safari

One of the weaknesses of mobile web browsers is the lack of a simple way to view a website's source information. Sure you could wait until you got home to examine how a site is built, but we live in the future. Waiting till we get home is very 2012. That's where Snoopy comes in. Snoopy is a...

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Apple asks developers to prepare for Safari Push Notifications

Apple has sent an email to developers asking them to get ready for Safari Push Notifications, reports Cult of Mac. In the email titled, "Get ready for Safari Push Notifications," the company lays out what Safari Push notifications entail and directs developers to the Safari Push Notifications...

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