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Photos of Apple's store-within-a-store at Walmart

ifoAppleStore has pictures from a Lowell, Arkansas Walmart that shows an Apple store-within-a-store like those seen in Best Buy. The display at the Walmart location focuses on mobile devices like the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. With its large backlit-signs, wood tables and live demo units, t...

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Where to buy an iPad on Friday

If you missed the launch day pre-orders and want to get an iPad on Friday, you should start planning your strategy now. Like any good consumer, you'll need to decide which store will have the most iPads and the smallest line so you can maximize your chances of getting the model that you want. ...

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Sam's Club to sell iPhone 4 for $147 until Dec. 25

Remember that Radio Shack sale that offered the iPhone 4 for $149 and caused a nationwide shortage in the Shack's retail stores? Well, Sam's Club is about to one-up Radio Shack with a Member-only promotion that drops the price of the iPhone 4 to $147 with a two-year customer agreement. The leaked i...

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iPad now on sale at Sam's Club

Not only can you buy a jar full of more pickles than a human could ever eat, you can also now pick up an iPad at your local Sam's Club. Apple's magical and revolutionary device has been spotted on shelves at Sam Walton's big box supply store, and pretty cheap, too -- you can get a 16GB Wi-Fi model ...

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