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Sandvox 1.2.2 offers iPhone support

Fresh from receiving an Apple Design Award at WWDC '07 (runner up for "Best Mac OS X User Experience"), the folks at Karelia have released Sandvox 1.2.2 (we've written about Sandvox before). If you're unfamiliar, it's a WYSIWYG web editor that features drag-and-drop ease, iLife integration, simple p...

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Sandvox 1.2 is available

We've written about Sandvox before. It's the WYSIWYG web editor from Karelia Software that makes site building and publication a breeze. It's nicely integrated with .Mac and iLife, and features attractive default templates you'll actually want to use. Changes in version 1.2 include: Easily chang...

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Sandvox 1.1.2 available

Sandvox is the WYSIWYG web editor from the folks at Karelia Software that we've written about before. If you're unfamiliar, it features a nice interface, attractive default templates and simple publishing (choose .Mac or your own host). Today, Karelia announced the availability of version 1.1.2. Thi...

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Sandvox updated to 1.1

In the Mac-user make-Web-page so-very-pretty no-use-nasty-HTML market, the big kahunas are iWeb, RapidWeaver, and Karelia Sandvox -- guess which one just got revved to version 1.1? If you recall, Karelia came up with one of the most original utilities ever, the Web scraping and search tool Watson, w...

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Sandvox 1.0.2 with new features, demo screencast, intro pricing ends soon

Karelia Software has updated Sandvox, their feature-packed WYSIWYG web design app, to version 1.0.2, bringing a few new features to the table such as a much-requested Format menu. Of course, other bug fixes and the like are included, so check out the release notes for the full details. In addition t...

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Sandvox 1.0 official release

I'm really glad to see all this innovation in WYSIWYG web editing software, and from my experience, Sandvox from Karelia Software is poised to lead the pack. Yes, I've been going on about how excited I am about the iWeb 1.1 update, but after playing with Sandvox's beta editions, I'm going to give t...

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Sandvox beta updated, full version "this quarter"

Karelia Software has released beta 14 of Sandvox, their WYSIWYG web editor for the Mac. Sandvox makes drag-and-drop web assembly a snap, with photo galleries and blogging plus del.icio.us, Flickr and Digg integration. There's more, of course, and you can get the full run down here. Karelia has prom...

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Karelia: "Lightning has indeed struck twice"

This has got to be frustrating. In an attempt to avoid a repeat of the Watson/Sherlock debacle, the folks at Karelia Software made an earlier-than-originally-planned public beta release of Sandvox available. Sandvox is a super-simple, WYSIWYG web editor that makes web site construction easy and fun....

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Sandvox public beta available

A few years ago, Karelia software released the great Watson, an internet search utility for Mac OS X. Many loved it, and I still use it all the time, in fact. Shortly after that successful release, Apple produced a version of its own Sherlock that bore a strikingly uncanny resemblance to Watson. Eve...

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