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Textbooks swapped for iPads by Irish school

A small secondary school in Ireland is doing something extraordinary -- ditching textbooks for iPads. Starting in September, St Coleman's College in the town of Claremorris in the west of Ireland will give students the option of learning from regular textbooks or specially equipped iPads, accor...

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Apple to launch Back to School promo next week

AppleInsider is reporting that Apple will begin its annual back-to-school promotions next week. The promotions typically run from late May/early June to the first week in September. Shoppers can probably expect a free or discounted iPod touch when a Mac is purchased, as that is usually what Apple...

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Tennessee school requires iPads of all 4th-12th grade students

Starting next year, fourth to 12th grade students attending the Webb School in Knoxville, Tennessee will be required to have an iPad for classes. Jim Manikais, technology director at the private school, said this new policy was designed to let students "use that technology whenever they need it." Cu...

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Schools in Singapore issuing iPads to teachers and students

Reuters is reporting that, at an initial cost of S$135,000 (about US$100,000), a pilot program handing out iPads to 140 students and 10 teachers at Nanyang Girls High School, Tampines Secondary School, Nanhua Primary School and Dunman Secondary School in Singapore aims to replace textbooks and incre...

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A barrel of free books from Kaplan makes a great back-to-school haul

Kaplan Publishing is offering quite a few free eBooks through the iTunes store, but you can only access them on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. It's a great deal if you're heading back to school or just want to stock up on some quality reference material. The books are in the categories of colleg...

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The iPad Project documents deploying iPads at school

We've been following the folks at D7 Consulting as they roll out a set of iPads that were awarded to them by (and keep an eye out later this week for an update on that), but that's not the only group of people attempting to use iPads in a collective space. Frasier Speirs (Mac developer at C...

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Rumor: Apple event September 9th, tablet not included

The rumor mill is churning yet again -- the latest Apple rumor is that an event is coming on September 9th. Multiple sources are saying that they've heard Apple will host an event in San Francisco to talk about music, including upgrades for the iPod and iTunes. This is hardly a surprise -- Apple usu...

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Florida school may trash 200 Macs to go PC-only

This could be the saddest thing I've seen all week (and I've watched a few Cubs games): a Florida school is declaring itself PC-only, and apparently was planning to toss almost 200 Macs in the trash to get new Windows computers for the kids and teachers. Hearing that kids will have to use Windows i...

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Japanese university tracking students via free iPhones

If you happen to be enrolling in Aoyama Gakuin University's School of Social Informatics in Tokyo this year, make sure to stop by the admissions office to pick up your free iPhone -- the school made a deal with Softbank Corporation, the iPhone's vendor in Japan, to give the phones to 550 students fo...

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Back to School: An Apple for the teacher

TUAW's going Back to School! We'll be bringing you tips and reviews for students, parents and teachers right up until the bell rings in September. Going back to school isn't all about the students; the educators are often just as excited or stressed out as the kids about the beginning of a new schoo...

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Schoolhouse 2

School is a lot of work as it is without having to worry about how you're going to remember that you have an essay due next Monday for your Sub-Aquatic Fiber Arts class. Some people swear by the tried-and-true paper notebook, while others can't cope without their fancy PDA. While there are a few sof...

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iWriter - easily create study tools for the iPod, .Mac and the web

Yea that's right: I said 'study tools' and 'iPod' in the same sentence. iWriter is an interesting little app from Talking Panda that allows you to quickly build projects and study tools for easy viewing on an iPod or the internets. Projects can be uploaded to a .Mac account, and iWriter offers 8 pro...

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Pangea offers free games to schools

Here's a nice story. Pangea Software, creators of Bugdom, Nanosaur, Cro-Mag Rally and more, have offered free licenses to any school that makes a request. All you need to do is send a request on the school's official letterhead, signed by the principal, and the contact listed must use a ".k12&q...

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