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TUAW's Daily App: Weather HD for iPhone

You may already know all about Weather HD -- the app made a nice splash when it was released early in the iPad's life. But Vimov has just released it for the iPhone, and even on the smaller screen, it leaves quite an impression. The idea is that instead of a tiny little icon or a big number telling ...

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(i)Pawn is an iPhone game with screen-reactive pieces

This is one of the cooler things I've seen done with the iPhone's capacitive touchscreen. (i)Pawn is a game of sorts that works with a series of little figures on tokens that actually interact with the touchscreen itself. Most of the time, you need actual flesh to interact with the iPhone's screen,...

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iSuppli: iPhone 4 parts cost $187.51

Update: As pointed out below, our original analysis here did not highlight the difference between the subsidized pricing (what consumers pay with a 2-year contract) and the much higher unsubsidized price (what carriers pay Apple for each phone). The unsubsidized price of the 16 GB iPhone 4 is not di...

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TUAW's Daily App: Pinch

Pinch is an ingenious little game that I'd almost call a puzzle platformer, except that there aren't any actual platforms in it. Instead of navigating a jumping avatar through a series of gates and switches, you navigate little colored orbs, called Norbs, by dragging them around on the multi-touc...

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Divvy up your windows

For those who deal with a lot of windows, especially on multiple screens, any utility that makes it easier to organize and reposition those windows quickly is a boon. I've used SizeUp for a while now, and have become very accustomed to being able to quickly snap my windows into halves or quarters of...

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Gameloft brings Iron Man 2 to the iPad and iPhone

Gameloft has done a Q&A over on Marvel's official blog about their iPhone and iPad versions of the upcoming Iron Man 2 game, and there are some interesting tidbits in there. Gameloft is traditionally a mobile company, and as they say, they've worked on "small to very small" devices, so the iPad...

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iPad: Will it blend?

We won't spoil this movie for you, but fortunately, the good folks over at Blendtec have wasted no time in answering the question that was on all of our minds as the iPad released last weekend. We can truly say that the video above does answer the question of whether or not the iPad will, in fact...

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First Look: iDisplay

iDisplay is one of those apps that you receive as a press release in your inbox and just when you're about to move on, it suddenly hits you exactly what that app does. And you go "Oh man! Yes!" In this case, iDisplay transforms your iPad or iPhone into a second monitor for your Mac. I haven't ha...

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GDC 2010: Hands-on with Faraway

Steph Thirion's first iPhone game was Eliss, a touchscreen-based arcade game that had you combining and maneuvering planets around one another, and trying to size-match them up with black holes to earn points. As he told us (stay tuned for an exclusive interview with the indie developer), it was pr...

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Apple's official iPad video, specs page

Apple has updated their website with all kinds of fun iPad information, including an official specs page and the video that was shown at the end of today's event. The thing looks just plain beautiful, but then again this is basically their first ad for the "magical and revolutionary" device, so you...

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NY teen arrested after leaving threatening note on screen in Apple Store

A teen in New York has been arrested for leaving a threatening note on the screen of a computer at an Apple Store. The 17-year-old boy was joking around with friends when he typed a note on screen promising "a bloody death" to anyone working in the store via a "bomb loaded with C4, strapped to my c...

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Rumor: Apple event in January, possible 10" tablet demoing iPhone apps

There's a flurry of rumors this morning that Apple is planning an event as soon as this January, though exactly what they'll be showing us is still in question. Most of the buzz (along with our buddy Gene Munster) says we will finally see the long-awaited tablet, and that after a January showing...

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Drag and drop your windows into tidiness with Cinch

I'd never heard of Cinch, just mentioned over at Cult of Mac, but it's such a great idea I thought I'd check into it. Basically, Cinch does what all great Mac software does: it works in the background and lets you do what you want to do, skipping completely all the usual nonsense you usually have...

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Apple allows matte screens on 15-inch MacBook Pros again

Hooray for all us big-window dwelling Mac users! If you're craving something other than Apple's standard glossy screen, the anti-glare matte finish is an option again on the Apple Store for 15" MacBook Pros. Except it'll cost you $50 extra and replaces the black border with a silver one. Small pri...

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New MBP offers top display quality, but some beg to differ

For pro photographers who care about color fidelity on a laptop screen, there's good news from Rob Galbraith on the revamped MacBook Pro line: the new laptops offer improved color performance, which Rob's review describes as "better colour accuracy than any Apple laptop we've profiled since...2001....

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