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Jing makes screen captures slick and easy

It's always something: just as I start to write up a Mac 101 on screen grabbing, along comes something cool, free and pretty: Jing for Mac. Built by the screen capture savants at TechSmith (developers of Windows tools Camtasia and SnagIt), Jing combines a lightweight, one-click image or motion captu...

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TUAW Tip: Screen Capture to PDF

TUAW reader Jakob writes that he often uses OS X's "Print as PDF" feature. He asks if there's a way to print only part of a website by dragging out a selection rectangle? Yes, Jakob, there's a very simple way. Yesterday, I posted a Terminal Tip about using OS X's built in command-line screencapture ...

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Terminal Tip: 6 easy ways to capture your screen

OS X's built in screencapture command provides a simple command-line utility to snap images of your desktop. It offers quite a few options and many of them do not quite work as advertised. Even the manual page admits that screencapture is "not very well documented to date". To make it easier for yo...

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Desktops of the week for 10/15/06

Here we go with another edition of TUAW Desktops ladies and gents. You readers are submitting some great stuff to our desktops Flickr group, and since our last edition was a nice overall roundup, I decided to pick a theme for this week: function. I'm a big fan of making the most out of my available ...

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Screenshot Settings 1.1 applescript

Just like its title implies, Screenshot Settings 1.1 is a simple little GUI applescript that allows you to change both the image format Mac OS X uses to capture screenshots, as well as the default location where these images are stored. While altering Mac OS X's screenshot format is pretty simple w...

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MacTV releases screen capture video tutorial

MacTV (no, not that Mac TV) is a videocast that features all sorts of interesting Mac videos. Previous editions have included the Hal 9000 ad (one of my favorites), the original iPod TV spot and a formerly press-only video of Steve introducing the white iBooks (including Reality Distortion Field). T...

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