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Terminal Tips: Make your Screensaver a desktop background

Have you ever wanted your screen saver to appear as a background image? Probably not. But if you like to show off to your Windows-using friends, then this tip can definitely help you out. By typing the following command into Terminal (Applications > Utilities), all on one line, and hitting ente...

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Word Clock screen saver has the time for you

If you're in the market for a new screen saver, and enjoy things like tha's DropClock, check out Simon Heys' (less processor-intensive) Word Clock. It's a wonderful typographic screen saver that shows the time in a clever way, and is enjoying a meme echo among designers right now. It's extremely ...

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Status Screen Saver 1.0

Are you so addicted to RSS, Mail, and Twitterrific that you just can't stand when your screen saver launches? Status Screen Saver might just be the screen saver for you. The awesome thing about this screen saver is that is displays your current unread Mail count, unread NetNewsWire feeds, and even ...

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A dynamic screensaver, DIY style

Glenn Franxman at HackerMojo just put up a Python script that makes pictures pulled from MetroPulse into a screensaver. It's a mere 17 lines of code (which you can easily modify without knowing Python) that run as a cron job, downloading the images into the directory that you specify for the "Choos...

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Mac 101: get a floating clock on your screen saver

Welcome, once again, to Mac 101, TUAW's continuing series focusing on tips and tricks useful to new Mac users. Mac veterans might learn a thing or two along the way, but these tips are aimed squarely at our new Mac friends. Today's tip is all about knowing what time it is. If you're running Leopard ...

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Red Baron screensaver for those with strong stomachs

If you're the sort who rides roller coasters for fun, who takes cruises through the North Atlantic in wintertime and laughs at the green pallor of your fellow passengers -- maybe the Red Baron screensaver is for you. Join the OpenGL party as the Baron sails through a simulated sky and over the (pres...

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Leopard screensaver, Help menu video leaked

When I posted the new System Preferences pane in Leopard earlier this week, I was a little disappointed to see that while the desktop had changed (here it is online, if you want to make it your own already-- thanks, Ryan D!), the screensaver had not. I figured this is because Apple wasn't bringing ...

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Keeping time with Aurora and PolarClock

Here's two more cool ways to figure out what time it is, because sometimes you just can't look out a window. First off, Aurora (which we've written about in the past) is an free and easy little alarm clock that will play almost any media you've got, including any playlist in iTunes or even channels ...

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Chemicalburn: a transportation network-simulating screensaver

So this past weekend I realized that I still had the great Skyrocket screensaver on my Powerbook from the Fourth of July-- no, not this year's. Last year's. It was time to get a new screensaver. Fortunately, FreeMacWare was featuring Chemicalburn, a screensaver by Michael Ash (who also created GPULi...

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Celebrate Independence Day with your Mac

Tomorrow is Independence Day in the US, which we celebrate by drinking alcohol, eating outdoors, and blowing things up (in that order). Here's how you can get your Mac in on the fun: Mix the Drinks Bargenie puts 24,000 drink recipes on your Mac. Set it up next to your bar (being careful not to spill...

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The Twittervision and Flickrvision screen saver

Twittervision and Flickrvision are sister projects that mashup their respective communities in real time with Google Maps, providing a (somewhat summarized) play-by-play world map of what's happening on Twitter and Flickr. While watching either of these services can easily become a hobby, of sorts, ...

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Mac OS X kernel panic screensaver - let the pranks begin

What's better than a Dashboard widget that can display a Mac OS X kernel panic? A full-on screensaver that can simulate one, of course! Mark Johns of Doomlaser has built an eerily realistic kernel panic screensaver, right down to the slowly dropping grey shade of despair, that will surely induce...

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The Apple TV screensaver is hot

Sure, everyone is looking inside the Apple TV and at it, but check out what it does on screen when it's twiddling its thumbs and waiting for you to command your library! Now I don't have mine just yet; it's still hanging out in a local FedEx distribution center, so I made a friend shoot this for me...

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Quartz Composer Art / Screensavers

Quartz Composer was one of the coolest new technologies Apple added in Tiger. It allows designers to create some amazingly complex motion graphics with comparatively little work. (Core Animation is likely an analogous advance in Leopard). The Japanese designer Futurismo Zugakousaku has used Quartz C...

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Quick-and-dirty security trick

Reader Jamie offers a quick security tip. If you're the type that's frequently away from your desk, you may want to keep your machine secure while you're gone. As Jamie points out, you can simply turn on your screensaver and set it up to require a password at de-activation. Next, activate a screensa...

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