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Developers now can use private API for screen capture on iPhone, says Apple

As Apple seems to be lightening up and accepting more applications using private APIs (including Ustream and others that stream video from the iPhone 3G), word comes that the review team is now officially allowing the UIGetScreenImage() function to be used in applications distributed in the App Stor...

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Snow Leopard nice touch: no more "Picture 1" files

I've always been a fan of ⌘-Shift-4 for taking quick and easy screenshots on my Mac, even with such level-up options as Jing, Skitch, GrabUp and LittleSnapper readily to hand. What I wasn't a fan of, however, was the proliferation of "Picture 1," "Picture 2,"... up to "Picture N" screenshot file...

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Sharpshooter lets you rename newly taken screenshots

Do you like using Mac OS X's built-in screenshot key commands? If you do, chances are that you don't like the files that it outputs on your desktop: "Picture 1.png"? What was I thinking when I took this screenshot? What is the screenshot of? If these questions bother you, then you might like Sharpsh...

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3 great uses for your screen shot app

Whether you use Leopard's native screen grab tool, or a specially designed app like Skitch, there's more you can use it for than just snapping a shot of your desktop. Here are three of my favorites: No more cut and paste - I often have to replicate several pages of a content management system (CMS)...

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Mac 101: Capture sharp screenshots

Earlier this week, we described several ways to create screenshots with your Mac. Using the keyboard shortcuts in the Finder is great, but you may have noticed that the results aren't very sharp. Ivan at creativebits noticed that, too, and figured out how you can correct the problem. He explains tha...

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Mac 101: Eliminate shadows in screen grabs

Sharing screen grabs and screencasts is a great way to show someone exactly how to do something with their Macs. You've got several choices for screencast software (here's a list of posts in our screencast category), but snapping a simple screen grab is much simpler. Using Apple's Grab applicat...

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TUAW Faceoff: Screenshot apps on the firing line

Whether you want to post something to a web page or blog, or show off an application element in a presentation, taking quality screenshots is becoming an increasingly common task for lots of different Mac users. Although OS X comes with its own built-in screenshot utility, Grab, and onboard F-keys ...

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iPhone screenshot utility

Earlier today, I learned about this iPhone screen shot snippet meant to be used inside an application. It produces PDF results. After playing with the code and realizing it probably couldn't be expanded to a general purpose screenshot utility, I decided to write one from scratch by taking advantage ...

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Mac 101: Capturing your screen

Everyone got a #2 pencil? Then we're ready for more Mac 101, tips and tricks for novices and "I forgot how to do that!" veterans alike. Today we're talking screenshots, an essential tool whenever you need to document or display something for posterity. While there are lots of third-party tools for s...

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First Impressions: Mailplane - the desktop Gmail client

The fusion of web services and desktop software is a holy grail of computing bliss that few can claim. The web can often be clunky and limited by the constraints of a browser, while the data in your desktop software takes a swim with your MacBook when you drop it at the beach. Anyone who has ever ...

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Skitch private beta updates with major UI changes, more integration

Skitch became an instant hit around the TUAW offices when we first heard about it at Macworld, and a couple of recent updates to this well-integrated screenshot app have only made it better. As you can see, watermarking has made an appearance for eBay sellers and paranoid bloggers alike, and the o...

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InstantShot! - Menubar Screenshots

As you might expect, we take a lot of screenshots here at TUAW, so I'm always interested in ways of making it easier. Most of the time I either use ImageWell or one of the built-in keyboard shortcuts. Nonetheless, InstantShot! looks like a convenient alternative for folks who prefer using the mouse....

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Desktops of the week for 10/15/06

Here we go with another edition of TUAW Desktops ladies and gents. You readers are submitting some great stuff to our desktops Flickr group, and since our last edition was a nice overall roundup, I decided to pick a theme for this week: function. I'm a big fan of making the most out of my available ...

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Snapz Pro updated for Intel Macs

Ambrosia Software has released Snapz Pro X 2.0.3, an Intel Mac-compatible upgrade to its top-notch screen recording app. Other improvements include a tune-up to make Snapz Pro run smoothly on single processor machines, and a fix to ensure control over whether the cursor appears in your recording. I...

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Phill Ryu announces Fake Leopard Screenshot Contest

Its been a big week for Phill Ryu. The shareware developer who only began blogging at the beginning of the month has already been featured on these very pages, as well as Digg and Slashdot. To celebrate his success and stimulate the creativity of the Mac blogosphere, Phill has announced The Fake Leo...

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