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Photoshop Phun: iPhone next-gen rumor pic roundup

Well! Our tips line has certainly been a beehive of activity with WWDC just around the corner. We've gotten several purported iPhone images, which range in quality from meh to ludicrous. Particularly interesting: the iPhone Blog's 16x9 widescreen model. As for availability of the rumored phone, Gear...

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Zen Bound adding new tree in free update

Touch Arcade has a slew of new screenshots from an upcoming free update for a game I've been coming back to more and more lately on my iPhone: Zen Bound. When I first installed it, I thought of it as more of a tech demo than a game, but as you load it up more and more, you really do start uncovering...

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LittleSnapper 1.0 is released

Way back in September, our friends (including former TUAW blogger Nik Fletcher) at Realmac Software started trickling out details about their newest Mac app: LittleSnapper. Now after a thorough beta process and lots of hard work, the application is finally available! I have been using the applicatio...

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LittleSnapper sneak peek

Video link Last month, our friends at Realmac Software teased us with some screenshots of their newest application, LittleSnapper. LittleSnapper is a program that will let you take screenshots of full web pages, with adjustment and sharing features similar to Skitch. The Realmac team has now produc...

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Mac 101: Take screenshot and copy to clipboard

Are you obsessed with taking photos using the built-in screenshot utility (or by pressing command + 3/4)? Chances are you might have a ton of files left over on your desktop after a long screenshot session. If you don't need the files piling up on your desktop and just want to paste a picture somew...

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Flickr Find: TUAW is the word

Rob H. was playing Wurdle on his iPhone when he came across what we'll appropriately call a bug -- apparently the program doesn't actually recognize us as a word (maybe it needs the accent mark over the U?). But we appreciate him trying anyway. Maybe we'll contact the SOWPODS people and see if we ca...

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Realmac teases LittleSnapper

Our friends over at at Realmac Software, makers of the popular RapidWeaver website creation app, have just posted some information on their next Mac app, LittleSnapper. From what I can glean from the promo page, LittleSnapper -- which is expected sometime at the end of 2008 -- is designed to be the ...

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Wired: 'iPhone takes screenshots of everything you do'

On your iPhone or your iPod touch, when you press the Home button, there's a nice little animation that takes you back to the home screen. To create that animation, your iPhone takes a screenshot of whatever it is you're doing, and uses it for the transition. Sounds innocent, right? Not so much, say...

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3 great uses for your screen shot app

Whether you use Leopard's native screen grab tool, or a specially designed app like Skitch, there's more you can use it for than just snapping a shot of your desktop. Here are three of my favorites: No more cut and paste - I often have to replicate several pages of a content management system (CMS)...

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AppleScript: Taking screenshots

Last week, Dave mentioned that you can change the file type used system-wide for screenshots. However, some people are afraid of using to muck around with their Mac. In this week's AppleScript article, I am going to show you how to take screenshots and change their file type using a...

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Wingnuts Moto Racer for the iPhone

Our friends over at Freeverse have been working on a racing game (undoubtedly going to be one of a few released by different companies) for the iPhone called Wingnuts Moto Racer, but various NDAs, game mechanics secrets, and developer confidentialities have kept them from being able to talk about ...

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TUAW Faceoff: Screenshot apps on the firing line

Whether you want to post something to a web page or blog, or show off an application element in a presentation, taking quality screenshots is becoming an increasingly common task for lots of different Mac users. Although OS X comes with its own built-in screenshot utility, Grab, and onboard F-keys ...

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TUAW previews Hahlo 3: the Legendary Edition

John Gruber's (and my) favorite Twitter web app for the iPhone is about to get better -- if you've been on the Hahlo for iPhone homepage lately, you'll have seen that Dean Robinson is working on version 3 of Hahlo (titled, hilariously for us gamers, the Legendary Edition). TUAW got to take a look (a...

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iPhone beta screen-shotting

TUAW reader Scott writes that he's discovered how to grab screen shots from the iPhone or iPod touch running the new beta developer release. While attempting to reboot the phone, he noticed the "infamous" white flash I wrote about a few weeks ago. A little experimentation revealed the magic key comb...

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RipDev discovers how to activate iPhone Screen Shots

A lot of iPhone dev types have known about the SBMobileScreenshotr preference for a very long time. What we didn't know was how to make it do anything. The software programming site RipDev solved the mystery. After setting the preference in /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/

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