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Tag: scripting

Trick your iPhone voicemail into using voice recording data

The other day, I discussed how to record audio on your iPhone. Several people wrote in asking whether they could have their recordings show up in voicemail, so I scouted around a bit. I discovered that voicemail is stored in ~/Library/Voicemail and that it uses an sqlite3-compatible database to mana...

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Open man pages from Xcode

Toxic Software's posted a useful little script if you spend any amount of time in Xcode-- because manopen is having trouble with Leopard, John punched up a shell/Applescript to open man pages directly from within Xcode's command line. It's tiny (and doesn't really do much-- just opens an Xcode Help ...

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PackRat 1.1 adds AppleScript and Automator support

Someone must have answered Rod Schmidt's call for AppleScripters, as he has just released PackRat 1.1, a major update to his offline Backpack syncing app that brings double-whammy support for both AppleScript and Automator. You can now get almost all your Backpack data via script, which means power ...

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Terminal Tip: "Now Playing" info from the command line

Have you ever wondered whether there was a command line way to check iTunes and determine which song is currently playing. The command-line osascript utility makes this an easy problem to solve. Osascript executes AppleScript commands from Terminal's command line and can run many of the same kinds o...

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PackRat dev calls for AppleScripters

Rod Schmidt, developer of PackRat, has issued a call for AppleScripters who are interested in automating his rocking Backpack client. PackRat, to my knowledge, doesn't have AppleScript support yet, but that does seem to be at the top of the request list and would mark another powerful feature PackRa...

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TUAW Tip: enable the AppleScript menu

As I was working on an AppleScript-related post this morning, I couldn't seem to find any TUAW Tips in our vast archives that explained how to enable that AppleScript menubar item (pictured) that is mentioned so often in Mac software circles. This, of course, called for just such a tip. So: the Appl...

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Griffin releases Proxi 1.0

Back in April we wrote about the public beta of Proxi, which is the easy-to-use scripting software from Griffin Technology. Proxi lets you automate complicated routines, much like Automator or QuicKeys. Earlier this week, Griffin released version 1.0 of Proxi. Changes to version 1.0 include support...

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FastScripts Lite

FastScripts is a menubar script launcher on steroids. It offers up everything the Apple version does, and a whole lot more. It also happens to cost $15, which is a fair price for the application but some people might balk. Balk no more, because FastScripts Lite has been released and it is available ...

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