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Aqua scrollbar art

I love these bits of art by Anders Clauson featuring iconography from the old Aqua OS X interface -- obviously it's not a straight representation of the actual interface, but instead, it's kind of a weird deconstruction of the scrollbars. There's one that's just a random desktop screenshot, and ano...

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TUAW Hands On: iTunes 8

Released today, iTunes 8 is the most recent and advanced iteration of Apple's media management and playback software. iTunes 8 includes a new Genius recommendation engine, new visualizers, a new grid view, and new terms and conditions. The Genius engine recommends other songs you might enjoy, bas...

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Terminal Tip: Add scroll arrows to both ends of scroll bar

Have you been paging through a document and wished that the scroll arrows were at both ends of the scroll bar? With a simple Terminal hack, you can have it your way. Just open Terminal.app (Applications > Utilities) and type in the following command: defaults write "Apple Global Domain" AppleS...

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