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Daily iPhone App: Lovely is real estate searching made easier

I've been apartment hunting lately (I want a little bigger place, with the option to finally get myself a dog), and here in LA, it's not an easy thing to do. Craigslist is usually the listings tool of choice, but it's so gummed with spam and vague listings here that it can be hard, especially w...

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Where To? will make you feel better about Apple Maps

Apple's Maps app has been a bit of a mess, as we all know. One of the biggest complaints is the lack of solid local search. There are plenty of alternative apps (including Google+ Local, the updated version of Google Places); one of the classics, Where To?, has just been updated. Where To? now ...

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Concept video shows a better Spotlight for iOS

Designer Cody Sanfilippo put together this concept video of how Spotlight on iOS could work, and it's quite impressive. The current implementation of Spotlight for iOS (accessed by swiping left on your iOS device's homescreen) is fairly useless; while the search is very thorough, the list of it...

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Updated TV Guide app includes celebrity watchlists and guest-curated channels

Last night the TV Guide app for iOS was updated to include a few new features, plus a few bugfixes and performance tweaks. I spoke to's GM Christy Tanner about the update and learned a few interesting stats about the service itself. If you're already a fan of the app, this is a great ...

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Mac 101: Use Spotlight for quick review of Calendar events

Here's a quick way to browse Calendar events (I still want to say "iCal") in the Finder with Spotlight. Simply enter your search keyword into Spotlight. The results are sorted by type, as usual. Move your cursor over a matching Calendar result and a pop-up appears, showing the event's placeme...

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Google to challenge Siri with its updated Google search app

Google's Search app for iOS will soon receive an update that'll improve the voice assistant component and bring it on par with its Android Jelly Bean counterpart. The upcoming version of the search app takes advantage of Google's experience with speech recognition and its Knowledge Graph, which...

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Fanhattan for iOS adds HBO, NBC, more

Fanhattan is a video aggreggator with an app on the iPad and iPhone, and as of today, that app became a little more useful. The service has added HBO Go, Cinemax, NBC, and CW content to its service, which means that you can now find those videos in the Fanhattan listings and follow the links ou...

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What Siri foretells for the future of semantic search

Siri is a step forward for iOS users who can use the virtual assistant to set reminders and send messages, but for developer and entrepreneur Ndav Gur, Siri represents more. "Siri has made strong headway into literally understanding you (voice to text) but more importantly about deriving meanin...

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Top 10 subtle Mountain Lion features (and a few more)

Lifehacker has put together a list of what they call the "top 10 secret features of Mountain Lion." That's not quite right -- these features aren't secret, because it would be pretty silly to release an OS update and not tell anyone about it. But they are subtle, and this is a nice list of feat...

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Apple alters App Store algorithm yet again

Apple tinkered with its App Store algorithm last week and changed the search position of some apps by ordering results based on user ratings and an app's description. This morning a report from TechCrunch suggests the Cupertino company has tweaked the algorithm again to add some weight back to th...

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Orbitz profiles Mac users with pricier hotels, here's how to block

Let's try a little Gedankenexperiment here. Imagine that you sell widgets of all kinds; some are drab and functional but cheap, while others are shiny and a bit more expensive. You're looking to improve the sales of your shiny, high-margin widgets by getting them in front of the type of consumers...

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Apple removes Android app searches from Chomp

Just over two months after Apple acquired the app discovery service Chomp, the company has removed features that allowed users to search for Android apps in addition to iOS apps. Chomp is a search tool that lets users to search for an app based on what it can do, instead of by the name alone. T...

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Future iOS update in China may adopt Baidu search, drop Google

According to The Next Web, Chinese website Sina Tech speculates that Apple may roll out an update in China that'll drop Google search from iOS and replace it with Baidu, a Chinese language search engine. Though unconfirmed, this move makes sense as Baidu commands more than 80 percent of the sea...

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FTC Subpoenaed Apple over Google search on iOS

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission subpoenaed Apple as part of a Google antitrust inquiry says Bloomberg. The FTC asked Apple to hand over documents that detail its search agreement with Google. Google has been the default search engine for iOS since the iPhone launched in 2007. Rumors suggest Micr...

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Google adds search history to iOS

Google is making it easy for iOS users to access their recent searches on their devices. Starting this week, Google will push your search history to your iOS device if you have Web History enabled on your Google account. So the next time you search for TUAW on your desktop and then hop over to goo...

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