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MacTech, Microsoft team up to offer Office for Mac support credential

Got Macs? Got Office? For support personnel who want to show the world that they know which end of a pivot table goes into a stylesheet and how to upgrade PowerPoint for full compatibility with Exchange Server 2013*, your opportunity has arrived. MacTech's upcoming seven-city BootCamp II tour...

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Apple presents the Snow Leopard Server Tour 2009

OK, so it's really just the Snow Leopard Server Multi-City Seminar and not a huge rock band on a world tour, but if you're more interested in servers than following your favorite group, this announcement should get you excited. Apple's setting up a series of 7 seminars across the country (blissfu...

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Apple posts seminar for Integrating Active Directory

Recently, Apple posted a new online seminar (linked from enterprise Apple Store pages) entitled "Best Practices for Integrating Mac OS X into Active Directory." This seminar will show registered participants how to deploy machines running OS X into existing Active Directory setups. Apple lists sever...

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Apple offers two free online Aperture seminars

Apple has announced two free online QuickTime seminars covering Aperture, their app for professional photographers. "Aperture: Streamline Your Workflow After the Shoot" is an introduction to the app from Product Marketing Manager Joe Schorr and Technical Marketing Manager Joseph Linaschke of Apple,...

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Apple and Sony launch 12 city XDCAM tour

Sony is releasing some free software that will allow Final Cut Pro to support native XDCAM HD editing (which sounds impressive, though I am not video guru). Apple and Sony are hosting a series of seminars to spread the word about this, so RSVP (if you're city is on the list that is)....

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Apple posts 'Mac at Work' site

So much for those "Apple isn't interested in the science/business/pro sector" theories. Behold, Mac at Work, a new promotional site from Apple with information, case studies, online seminars and real world event listings for just about every interest and sector besides consumers. Just look at the fi...

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Will Australia get the first look at Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard?

Tim Gaden (of Hawk Wings fame) has written an interesting article for his 'day job' column at APC Magazine about the possibility of our friends down under getting a first peek at Apple's forthcoming update to Mac OS X, 10.5 Leopard. Apparently, Apple has sent emails stating that they will be preview...

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WWDC Student Scholarship Program now open

TUAW reader Nolan B noticed that ADC (Apple Developer Connection) student members can now apply for a scholarship to WWDC 2006, Apple's annual World Wide Developer Conference, being held August 7-11 this year in San Francisco. Scholarship winners receive a free ticket which includes total access to ...

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