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TUAW Poll: Which new product would you most likely buy?

Ok, folks, it's wild speculation time. The rumors are flying around Apple's upcoming press event. Let's take a detour into fantasy land for just a moment and pretend that all of the supposed goodies come to pass: The new 23 inch iMac, the video-streaming Airport Express and the nanos with iPod mini-...

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Sept. 12th Event 'Showtime'

Our good friends at iLounge have confirmed that Apple will be holding a special event on September 12th. The invitation, which TUAW didn't get (clearly an oversight), says, 'It's Showtime.' The event is scheduled for 10a.m. Pacific at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. Given the t...

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Apple to introduce iTunes Movie Store, new iMac, iPod nano, and video streaming device?

Wow, that's a long title. Blame it on AppleInsider, who believes most -- if not all -- of those yummy goodies will be delivered to us in a nice wrapped package by The Jobs himself at next week's supposed media event. According to the rumor peddler, at the yet-unconfirmed September 12th event Jobs wi...

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Jobs might deliver a keynote, updated MacBook Pros on September 12th?

Egads, the rumor engine has caught on fire and September 12th is to blame: HardMac cites anonymous sources (i.e. - take it with a grain of salt) that Steve Jobs still won't be present in Paris for the upcoming Apple Expo, but that doesn't mean he can't be on a stage somewhere: the rumor is that Jobs...

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Apple to release a 23-inch Core 2 Duo iMac September 12th?

While trying to figure out why my TUAW Tips mailbox just choked and cried uncle, I finally found the source of the clog: too many tips to count started pouring in that the announced September 12th special event (not to be confused with the 25th) could be the announcement of a 23-inch iMac Core 2 Duo...

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iTMS movie downloads in September - but only one studio on board so far?

The rumors are flying even faster in the last couple days that movies could appear in the iTMS as early as September. We're hearing that Apple might have an event planned in San Francisco for Sept. 12th, where they could announce iTMS movies, or simply a $300 leather case for their $350 iPod Hi-Fi. ...

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Apple special event on Sept. 12?

iLounge is reporting that Apple is summoning journalists to an 'undisclosed' location in Northern California on September 12th (unrelated to the event on the 25th). The scuttlebutt is that Apple will be announcing something at this event, though who knows if it will be new iPods, movie downloading f...

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