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TUAW's Daily App: Articles

We've talked about Articles here on the site before. Out of all of the apps that won Apple Design Awards this year, I would say it's probably the most underrated and most useful. It's a Wikipedia reader, which doesn't sound like much since the mobile version of Wikipedia is pretty good already. Havi...

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Urbanspoon shaking right along

Urbanspoon is one of the earliest "locator" apps that I put on my iPhone. It offered up a pretty unique (at the time -- this was, of course, before "shake to undo") "shake to find" feature that solved the problem of a big group asking, "Where should we eat tonight?" Apparently it's still doing pret...

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Pro Applications Update improves performance and stability

Apple has released Pro Applications Update 2008-04, which includes updates to Final Cut Pro, Compressor, Color, DVD Studio Pro, Cinema Tools, Motion, Soundtrack Pro and Shake. The update, according to Apple, "addresses general performance issues and improves overall stability." No specific details w...

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Pro Applications Update 2008-01

Today Apple released a Pro Applications Update 2008-01. This update is described as: This update improves reliability for Apple's professional applications and is recommended for all users of Final Cut Studio, Final Cut Server, Logic Studio, and Shake. Final Cut Server was, as you may know, release...

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Macs join the fight in '300'

With a shocking and awesome $70+ million in weekend box office, the film adaptation of Frank Miller's graphic novel 300 has shot (and hacked, and stabbed) its way to the 3rd best R-rated opening and the all-time best March opening in US film history. Way to go, Spartans. As noted on ballergoods.com ...

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No more Shake development

Remember that amazing price reduction that Apple announced along with the release of Shake 4.1 (well, only for the Mac version)? Seems that all that glitters isn't gold. Apple sent a message to their Shake users (via a listserv) and let them know that Apple will no longer be actively developing Shak...

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Apple updates Aperture and Pro Apps

Apple has updated Aperture to 1.1.2 though they haven't, at the moment, provided any details as to what the update does (at least not on their website). Also lurking in your Software Update panel is the Pro Application Update 2006-01, which ' addresses several issues with underlying frameworks and s...

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Shake 4.1

Today Apple has announced that Shake 4.1 is available. This .1 release marks Shake's entrance into Universal Binary status, and Apple says that it really flies on Intel Macs (how about an Intel Power Mac, Apple?). That's not all though, Apple also decided that the $3000 price tag for this program w...

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Is Aperture's future in question?

According to Think Secret, it just may be. It looks like the majority of engineers who had been working on Aperture have either left or been reassigned to different projects within the company. Think Secret goes on to claim that the applications development was "...a mess," according to a ...

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Universal Binary Shake 4.1 to be Released in May

Macworld UK is reporting today that a universal binary of Shake 4.1--Apple's professional compositing and rendering software--will be released in May. This is another sign that we'll likely see Intel-powered towers sooner rather than later, perhaps even as early as June....

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