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AAPL up nearly 14% among broad market gains

Shares of Apple stock closed higher today, among a widespread buying spree that pushed the Dow Industrials up a record-breaking 936 points. AAPL closed at $110.26 per share, an increase of $13.46. Nearly 55 million shares changed hands. Microsoft, Dell, Google, HP, Sun, and AT&T also posted dou...

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AAPL hits 52-week low again, makes up for it

In a rollercoaster day on Wall Street, Apple shares closed up a scant $1.07 today, landing at $98.14, after a broad market sell-off this morning related to anxiety surrounding global financial markets. AAPL once again hit a 52-week low of $87.54 per share around 10:45 Eastern this morning. However,...

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AAPL touches 52-week low, closes under $100

Apple shares today reached their lowest price point since April 2007, closing at 97.07, down 3.03 points. AAPL hit its 52-week low today, $94.65 per share, around 3:45 PM Eastern. Early in the day, the stock was jarred with false rumors from CNN's iReport service about Steve Jobs suffering a heart ...

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Estimated 1.8 Million Macs sold during Q4 '06

Forget about iPods, for a moment. MacDailyNews reports that Apple sold a healthy 1.8 million Macs during the "holiday quarter" ending 2006 and of that number, about 1.1 million units were laptops. This apparently beat Apple's "already aggressive targets", with strong sales at the Apple store. Due to...

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Apple shares reach year's best

MarketWatch is reporting that Apple's shares reached a 52-week high of $87.95 today, apparently fueled by furious rumors of - you guessed it - an iPhone. I'm sure the report that Hon Hai received a manufacturing order from Apple for just such a device isn't doing anything to stop people from losing ...

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TUAW Moneywatch: Apple Shares hit high

Macworld UK reports that Apple shares reached a new 52-week high. Between holiday iPod sales predictions and iPhone rumors, Apple stocks are performing strongly. Some analysts expect Apple to sell up to 15 million iPods during the Christmas sales season. That's (quickly doing math) a lot of iPods to...

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Nasdaq warns Apple of non-compliance

Following reports of possible stock option improprieties by Apple executives and continuing internal and external investigations of these concerns, Apple has announced that it will delay the filing of its Q3 quarterly earnings reports until it is satisfied that the issues have been properly accounte...

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Apple's stock looks down, loses balance

Well, it was bound to happen: Apple's stock, after years of joyously ascending in a fashion worthy of the New Testament, has finally reacquainted itself with the wonders of gravity and the venerable cliché, "What goes up must come down." The share price fell over 5% today, closing ...

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