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Shazam Player brings lyrics support and more to iOS

The iPhone's default Music app already has lyrics support built in, but you have to fetch the lyrics yourself; songs sold on the iTunes Store still don't include lyrics after all these years. Shazam, makers of the well-known app that will identify songs playing in your vicinity after sampling a f...

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Shazam violates Developer Agreement, blames Jeff Rock

Jeff Rock happened to notice a push notification on his iPhone after installing Shazam. He checked it and it turned out to be an advertisement that had popped up. Since it didn't seem like expected behavior (push notification of an advert?), Jeff tweeted the Shazam folks to ask about it. Instead ...

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Shazam offers unlimited free tagging to iPhone app

Users of Shazam, the popular iOS app that allows people to discover what song is playing on the radio, television, or almost anywhere, will be happy to hear that Shazam is offering unlimited free tagging in its iPhone app. Shazam allows users to simply hold up their iPhone while a song is playi...

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Shazam Encore updated with lyrics, how about iTunes?

Shazam has released another update for its paid Encore app, this one adding full lyrics of over 25,000 songs on the service from provider LyricPlay. It lets you stream the lyrics in real-time as the song plays, so you can sing (or even just read) along. It's not exactly a reason to shell out fo...

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How to go music hunting for Shazam and Pandora

The New York Times has an interesting writeup of a growing new trade built around services commonly used as smartphone apps: music-tracking, or music-identifying services. You've probably played with Pandora or Shazam on your iPhone already, and the article profiles just how all of that music gets ...

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The best iOS apps I used in 2010

After looking back over Mac and Mac/iOS hybrid apps, it's time to look at the best iOS apps of 2010. As before, this list comes from my particular experience over the past year with these apps. 1) iCab Mobile (US$1.99, universal) is a replacement for mobile Safari. While it is hindered by the fact t...

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148Apps creates an App Hall of Fame

Jeff Scott of 148Apps has finally revealed his App Hall of Fame project -- he started it up about a month ago, and asked a number of personalities around the iPhone/iPad app scene (including yours truly) to nominate and then vote on a few App Store apps, with the eventual goal of inducting them int...

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Shazam updates for iOS 4.0, adds subscription model for Encore features

The great Shazam app, which I'm still using after downloading it to my iPhone on day one, has released another update, bringing the whole suite of apps (including the paid Shazam Encore and the Shazam (RED) version) to version 3.3. This one updates the app for iOS 4.0 and includes Retina Display gr...

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Apple releases new iPhone Ad: "Concert"

Following last week's "Commute" iPhone ad, Apple has released a new iPhone ad called "Concert." Sticking with the "everyday use" theme, the ad tells the story of a girl who hears a song on the radio. She uses Shazam [free] on her iPhone to identify the song as "In the Sun" by She & Him. At ...

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iFund doubles to $200 million, supporting Ngmoco, Booyah, and others on the iPad

The iFund has been one of the driving forces behind some of the biggest names in iPhone development, so it's not a surprise at all that the investors are expanding their money pool and oversight to include the iPad as well. They're opening up the funding to a full $200 million (double what the orig...

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Shazam adds Last.FM integration to iPhone apps

Shazam is one of my favorite iPhone apps, and it was one of the first I downloaded from the App Store. Every time I'm in a store or listening to the radio and hear a song I like but don't know, I let Shazam listen. The free version is still in the store, but just recently they've also released Shaza...

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Report: iPhone, Android, Blackberry users use the same apps

I'm not sure if this is a fascinating peek at the way we're wired or an obvious conclusion based on reason, but I'll let you decide. Despite the fact that they seem to be polar opposites on Internet forums and comment sections, Android, Blackberry, and iPhone users all end up using mostly the same ...

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Ford to offer iTunes tagging in their cars

Just as 2009 was ending, Ford announced that they'll be offering a new option in their cars for 2010: the ability to "tag" any songs you happen to hear on the radio for later purchase in iTunes. It'll be an option, so it won't come standard in the new Taurus you buy, but if you opt for the HD Radio,...

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Shazam offers paid app, downscales free version

VentureBeat reports that Shazam [iTunes Link], an app that's long been a favorite among several TUAW staffers, is now offering a paid version. The $5 Shazam Encore (link opens iTunes) offers faster, unlimited tagging of music. A new mode designed for your car will tag whatever music is playing over ...

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Shazam picking up investors, boasts 50 million users

Shazam is one of the first apps I actually used in context on the iPhone, and while we haven't heard much about the app since it debuted way back in the early days of the App Store, apparently the company itself has been blowing up, thanks to the free app. They've picked up a nice round of investmen...

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