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Comedy Central mutes "eyePhone" Futurama parody

If you saw Thursday night's new episode of Matt Groening's Futurama on Comedy Central (and let's take a moment to relish those beautiful words, 'new episode of Futurama' -- mmm, yes), you got an earful of biting satire focused on the enthusiasm of a certain company's customers and their appetite ...

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The Pre in iPod's clothing

Palm has quite a checkered history when it comes to syncing your Pre with iTunes, going as far as to make the device report itself as an iPod, and leaving lingering speculation that Apple would block the device with future iTunes updates -- which is exactly what has happened. But many Pre owners wer...

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iTunes goes New Zealand

The New Zealand Herald reports that locals are looking forward to the anticipated opening of iTunes New Zealand. It's been a long time coming. Rumors about iTunesNZ have been floating around for nearly three years without the appearance of an actual storefront. Insiders in the NZ music industry rep...

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