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Shoparoo promises a fun iPhone-alternative to box top school fundraising

If you're a parent like I am, you may be collecting box tops for your school. Box tops are great -- they help schools raise funds in a really effective way. For those who don't know, select merchandise in grocery stores contain a redemption value for school fundraising, usually a few pennies per...

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Amazon goes local with new iOS app

Amazon already has an extensive suite of iOS apps, everything from the Kindle Reader to the Price Check app that lets you compare local prices to Amazon online prices. That app doesn't make local businesses too happy, but a new app from Amazon should have the opposite effect. Amazon Local, a...

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Westfield app updated, now with Concierge Voice Control

The official Westfield mall app (if you're in America, there's probably a Westfield mall near you -- near me in LA, there's like eight of them) has been updated, and for a mall app, it's pretty powerful. In addition to maps and directories of all of the Westfield Malls around, there's now...

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Daily iPhone App: Slice helps you track your online purchases

Slice is for the online shopper who likes to have everything right at his or her fingertips. If you take the time to set it up, the app will quickly become the central hub for your online purchases. You can organize your online receipts, track packages and even monitor recent purchases for...

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Grocery iQ for iOS adds speech recognition

There's no shortage of grocery lists apps for the iPhone and iPad. One of the more popular apps is the free Grocery iQ, which has added speech recognition from Nuance in an update available today. That addition hoists Grocery iQ a bit above the average list-maker. You can add items to your...

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Daily iPad App: ShopAdvisor

I'm always on the lookout for free apps from the App Store, and I've found an interesting shopping app that's worth a look. The app is called ShopAdvisor (iPad edition) and it's the kind of app that would get a lot of use in this household. Think of a product you're considering purchasing. Enter it...

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2011 boasts record holiday season for online shopping, especially from mobile devices

2011 has only just ended, but I have a sneaking suspicion that even when we look back on it in another 12 months from now, we'll find a pretty revolutionary year in terms of the quality and quantity of our shopping. For example, UI expert and project leader Luke Wroblewski has compiled a list...

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Online shopping gets iPad surge on Christmas Day, iOS dominates in December

There's no rest for the weary in retail this year, but at least on Christmas Day most of the shopping frenzy was online and not in line. IBM's Smarter Commerce unit, which tracks 500 online stores (but not Amazon, the largest, and probably not Apple's store either) told the AP that Christmas Day...

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iPhone recreated in wood (and a toy iPad for the taking)

How great is this wooden iPhone, complete with special block icons to get moved around on the "touchscreen"? I'm not quite sure what it says about our culture that we're recreating Apple's magical device in this way (though it should be noted that this is an art project, not an actual "wooden...

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Report: iPads and iPhones helping create 'couch commerce'

Above, you can see an intriguing graph from Compuware APM that shows a kind of kooky new trend in shopping this holiday season, something the researchers are calling "couch commerce." Shopping via the web is up big-time lately, and as you can see above, a big part of that is shopping from the...

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5 Apps to make your holiday shopping easy

Thanksgiving is done and Black Friday is behind us. Now, it's time to get serious with your holiday shopping. Here are a few apps that will make your holiday shopping easier, maybe even fun (all prices are USD). Santa's Bag- Christmas Gift List ($0.99) Santa's Bag- Christmas Gift List is an...

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Apple's retail tech can notice shoppers when they arrive

Ever wonder how Apple employees know you need help or are there to pick up an order? Apple employees now have a way to track you in the store. On Black Friday, New York Times reporter Brian X. Chen took a closer look at a customer tracking system Apple has been using "for a few weeks." It's an...

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Google's formerly-iPad-only Catalogs app now also on Android

Updated to reflect that the iPad version has been out for several months. Google's shopping-centric mobile app isn't particularly new on the iPad -- we checked in on it in August -- but it's finally made its way to the Android platform. It's called Catalogs, and you can find it as a free...

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Apple offers free shipping with online purchases

Apple has rolled out its annual free holiday-shipping program through the U.S. online store. From now until Dec. 22, Apple has waived the $50 requirement for free shipping with the hopes of enticing customers to pick up accessories and other low-cost items through the Apple Store. As...

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More retailers see catalog gold in iPad apps

Online shoppers aren't just looking for tablets to buy, they are using them to do their shopping, too. The New York Times suggests that the majority of tablet owners use the device to shop, and that they prefer the shopping experience of the tablet over that of a smartphone or desktop. Only...

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