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Firefox Quick Add extension for Google Calendar

Elias Torres has put together a most excellent Google Calendar Quick Add extension for Firefox. If you aren't familiar with gCal's Quick Add feature, it's in the upper left of gCal (or just hit 'q' on your keyboard), and it's great: you can create a new event simply by typing it as a sentence, such...

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TUAW Tip: keep a Mail.app message open when replying

Today's tip involves a Mail.app hint I found that I thought was just too handy not to mention. If you use Mail.app and you open some messages in their own window, you might have noticed that if you hit reply, the original message disappears in favor of your new message composition window. Understand...

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Immediately delete messages from Mail.app with a hotkey

Sure, you can simply hit the delete key in Mail.app to send a message to the Trash, then empty the trash or go in and manually delete the message again to remove it for good. Or, you could use a simple, handy little tip that MacOSXHints tracked down to immediately and permanently delete any message ...

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