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TUAW Tip: endo's keyboard shortcuts rock

Hi, my name is David Chartier, and I'm an RSS-aholic. [your collective response: Hi David] The last time I refreshed my newsreader was... well, probably a minute or two ago, and then 30 minutes before that. You see, I'm obsessed with news, and I've been using some sort of a newsreader for around t...

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Keyboard Maestro 2.1 Universal

Keyboard Maestro is a well-regarded keyboard macro application for OS X that lets you define and use a variety of custom keyboard shortcuts. Macros are basically scripts that can be used to perform a variety of actions, including manipulating on-screen windows, simulating mouse and keyboard buttons,...

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An AppleScript for selecting the iChat menubar item

I understand if this might sound kinda weird, but hear me out: As an iChat user, I love the flexibility of its UI and the clever menubar item that displays all available contacts. Since I've found myself flying without displaying the buddy list more and more often lately, I've been wishing for a way...

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TUAW Tip: Aperture keyboard shortcuts for scrolling through your library

Click To Play One of the things I mentioned in my Aperture podcast that I love so much about this app is its plethora of features designed especially to increase efficiency for power users and pro photographers. This tip centers around Aperture's keyboard short...

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KeyCue 35% off at MacZOT today only

Last October was when we first mentioned KeyCue from ergonis software, the utility that displays all the keyboard shortcuts for the app you're in, and even though I fell in love with it I somehow missed its update to version 3.0. Luckily, today's MacZOT was just the reminder I needed, as KeyCue is...

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Apple updates Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts doc

Keyboard shortcuts are one of the finer pleasures of computing, especially on a Mac. While we've been blogging all manner of these shortcuts, especially some of the gems in Mac OS X, there is always the One True Keyboard Shortcut Document to Rule Them All; the one maintained by Apple themselves. T...

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Mac 101: Tweaking your keyboard shortcuts

More Mac 101, TUAW tips for the new Mac user and for us forgetful veterans. I often hear a complaint from switchers and newcomers: "Why do I have to use the mouse for everything?" Of course, we all know that there are scores of keyboard commands waiting to be used, but some particularly helpful one...

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CoverSutra - a customizable iTunes controller with style

These days, there is absolutely no shortage of apps that let you control iTunes in one way or another. You can use your PSP, tiny menubar controllers, countless iTunes widgets and now - CoverSutra. Featuring a stylish bezel with loads of control feedback and album art display, CoverSutra aims to g...

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Use Mac OS X keyboard and shortcuts on Windows

If you're jonesing for your Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts to work on Windows, or if you just can't give up Apple's keyboard while using Boot Camp, the AppleK Pro keyboard driver for Windows might just be your fix. This little driver allows you to use most Mac OS X shortcuts (such as cmd - shift 3/4 fo...

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Strange new sidebar shortcuts in iTunes 7

A post at Mac OS X Hints lists some bizarre shortcuts that appear to be new in iTunes 7. The shortcuts apply to selecting the various content sections such as Music, Movies and the Store, but what's strange is that if you have any playlists which begin with the same letter as the shortcut, the playl...

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TUAW Tip: shortcuts for Sleep, Restart and Shut Down

We here at TUAW are suckers for productive shortcuts, and since yesterday's System Preferences tip was such a hit, I thought I'd post a few shortcuts to speed up the Sleep, Restart and Shut Down commands. There's actually quite a few ways to accomplish these tasks, so I'll try to mention all the met...

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GmailUI Extension for Thunderbird

If Gmail's UI floats your boat but you prefer using a desktop email client for 'no waiting for a refresh' feel, Ken Mixter has developed a Thunderbird extension just for you. The GmailUI extension brings many of the shortcuts and search expressions of Gmail to Mozilla's Thunderbird client. Keyboard ...

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Unsanity's ClearDock and Menu Master go Universal

Hot on the heels of brining Universal status to their Application Enhancer, Unsanity has released UB versions of ClearDock (free) and Menu Master ($10). ClearDock, as you might glean from the name, is a one-trick pony that can strip the dock of its transparent background or allow you to adjust the b...

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Service Scrubber is Universal

I'm not sure when it turned, but Service Scrubber has become a Universal Binary. We've mentioned this slick utility before, but in case you're unfamiliar, Service Scrubber allows you to do three fundamental things with that powerful, but seldom used, Services menu underneath your active Application ...

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Widget Watch: xCuts - a Mac OS X shortcut reference

Now here is a widget that everyone can enjoy: more better keyboard shortcuts. xCuts is a reference widget for Mac OS X's keyboard shortcuts, organized by Category, Scope and Object, allowing you more control over which kinds of shortcuts to browse through. You can even live-search the database, and ...

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