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Count The Beats: Learn to read and play sheet music with Etude on your iPhone

From the creators of ShoveBox, Wonder Wrap Software has just launched their new iPhone / iPod touch app Etude. Etude is a beautifully designed app that helps you learn to read and play sheet music on the piano. While the built-in synthesizer plays through a piece of music, Etude will scroll th...

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The loot from the recent MacHeist

As Kevin pointed out on Wednesday, MacHeist has a new bundle for us at the moment -- but this one is what they consider a "nanoBundle" and it's free. I can't speak for everyone here at TUAW, but when I see the word "free" next to software, I horde it. They've decided to just give away this bundle...

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ShoveBox for Mac and iPhone

One thing we don't lack for on the fairer platform is snippet / notes managers. Nonetheless, I always find myself curious about the new applications, perhaps because nothing ever quite gets everything just right. ShoveBox is one of the newer entries in the snippet sweepstakes, and while it has bee...

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