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Target sells a pink Shuffle for Breast Cancer Foundation

Engadget points out that Target is now selling a hot pink iPod shuffle, branded as a Special Edition with a free $15 iTunes gift card, and a portion of the proceeds going to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Pretty good deal, considering the price is the same as all the other shuffles, just $...

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New iPod Shuffle lineup comes in colors (again)

Among all the updates to the iPod lineup today, this one might have gotten lost in the... well, I'm not gonna say it, but you know what I mean. It would seem that January's iPod Shuffle color choices were so nine months ago; the new Shuffles are stumbling in with a somewhat more subdued, 'pro' pale...

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iFreePlay "cordless" Shuffle headphones

We recently mentioned a concept from Arriva for iPod Shuffle headphones that integrate the Shuffle into the 'phones themselves. Well Monster Cable (of way-too-expensive-cables fame) has apparently beaten them to the punch with these foldable iFreePlay headphones. As you can see the Shuffle fits into...

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TUAW Spring Shuffle Giveaway Day Five: Pink

Well, this is the end folks. End of the (work) week and the end of our Spring Shuffle Giveaway. By the power of process of elimination we bring you the color pink. Pink isn't just a color, it's a cause. I think I once heard pink shot a man for snoring too loud, but that's just an ugly rumor. In any ...

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TUAW Spring Shuffle Giveaway Day Four: Green

Welcome back to another round of TUAW's Spring Shuffle Giveaway. Today on the menu: green. Or as some of us call it, 008000. While Kermit may complain, these shuffles don't appear so unhappy with their hue. At least green is a spring color, right? Anyway, if you don't know the drill, you enter our l...

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TUAW Spring Shuffle Giveaway Day Three: Blue

Welcome back to day three of TUAW's Spring Shuffle Giveaway. For those who finally managed to find on their dial, we're giving away a fresh iPod shuffle every day this week. Today's magic color chosen at random (mostly) is blue. Not exactly a Bondi blue or motherboard blue, but a vibrant bl...

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Soylent iPod is People

If anthropomorphic iPod accessories are your thing, look no further. Today we have found the ultimate iPerson dock--well, almost the ultimate dock. Unfortunately this iKub kubrick dock is only designed for those old-style iPod shuffles. If you've got the right kind of shuffle, you're in business. S...

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TUAW Spring Shuffle Giveaway Day Two: Orange

Day two of our fabulous iPod shuffle giveaway brings you the color orange. Orange, for those of you who didn't realize, is also a fruit. Apples are fruit too. But you won't go finding us comparing the two. That's why we don't give away Zunes around here. We can tell you that there are currently 6 li...

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TUAW Spring Shuffle Giveaway Day One: Gray

It's the time of year when blooming flowers have already frozen off their branches and turned to mud-- Spring! OK, it's almost summer, but we're going with a flowery outlook on life anyway. Point is, TUAW is giving away 5 iPod shuffles, one of each color, all this week. Today's color? The vibrant co...

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iPods. In. Space.

Kate Milon posted about another possible iPod in Space on her personal weblog. According to an email she received from a NASA engineer, astronauts may take small personal items with them on shuttle flights. Pilot Lee Archambault has chosen his 0.55 ounce iPod shuffle, says the letter, and it may req...

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iPod Reset Utility now supports 2nd gen Shuffles

It was only a few days ago that I had occasion to use the original iPod Shuffle Reset utility, rescuing a colleague's first-gen "Wrigley's" model Shuffle from a fugue state. Now the second-gen "tieclip" Shuffles can also be brought back from the brink: on Thursday, Apple released iPod Reset Utility ...

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iLounge announces iPhone contest

How'd you like to be the first one on your block to own an iPhone? Now imagine getting that iPhone for free. It could happen if you win iLounge's new wallpaper contest. The rules are simple: Create a high-resolution desktop picture featuring any current iPod model and the iLounge logo. The iLounge e...

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Great deals on iPod nanos, shuffles

Attention, frugal Mac addicts. Second generation iPod nanos and original iPod shuffles have been added to Apple's list of refurbished items. Nanos are starting at $119US for a 2GB model, and the shuffles are just $49US! I really liked the original shuffle's rough-and-tumble design and here's your ch...

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iPod Hacks posts "iPhone shuffle" spoof

The folks over at iPhone Hacks have posted a spoof (read: this is fake) of an upcoming Apple product that minimizes the functionality and branding of the recently release iPhone. The new iPhone shuffle (again, this is fake kids) carries the slogan of "Life is random," and its ground-breaking industr...

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Dress up your Shuffle with Shufflesome

The second gen iPod Shuffle is looks pretty good in its nature state, but some folks like to differentiate their gear from the rest of the pack. Shufflesome offers a variety of stickers for your Shuffle (both first and second gen Shuffles can be dressed up with Shufflesome stickers). They have a w...

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