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Sprint won't offer GSM iPhone 4S unlocked (Updated)

A report from yesterday claimed Sprint was going to sell the iPhone 4S with an unlocked SIM card, but a Sprint spokesperson has confirmed that report is false. Speaking to Ars Technica, the representative said Sprint will support international roaming, but only with a Sprint international rate ...

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Patent filing suggests iPhone owners could "comparison shop" providers

An Apple patent filing spotted this week by AppleInsider details how Apple could allow iPhone users to comparison shop for the carrier of their choice and switch between carriers at will all from the iPhone without changing SIMs. In "Method and Apparatus for Using a Wireless Communication Dev...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: What is this cheap iPhone data plan you speak of?

Dear Aunt TUAW, What is this "cheap" AT&T SIM with data for the iPhone that you often speak of? You've written about it numerous times. Please dish. Fondest regards always, Mister Humann Dear Humann, Auntie is talking about AT&T's standard PAYG plans. She usually buys the US$...

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T-Mobile now offering micro-SIMs to iPhone owners

T-Mobile is making it easier for iPhone owners to subscribe to a T-Mobile voice and data plan. The wireless carrier is now making micro-SIMs available to its customers for free with a two-year custom agreement. The product page on T-Mobile's website makes it clear the carrier is targeting iPhon...

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Unlocked iPhone FAQ, including AT&T plan info (updated)

Updated with information about AT&T plans. As we posted earlier, Apple is selling an unlocked version of the iPhone in the US starting at US$649. To help clarify questions about this development, we've put together this little FAQ. We'll explain what the unlocked iPhone means to you as a cu...

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AT&T also working with Apple on shrinking SIMs

Back in May, an Orange executive told Reuters that Apple had proposed a standardized SIM card that would be smaller than those currently found in the iPad and iPhone 4. Orange was apparently supportive of Apple's efforts to create the smaller SIM and now it looks like AT&T also is throwing it...

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France Telecom CEO talks SIM cards, next iPhone, apps and more

The CEO of France Telecom, Stephane Richard, recently spoke to Ina Fried at AllThingsD and spilled some juicy tidbits about how Orange (a global brand owned by France Telecom, which currently sells the iPhone in 15 countries) has worked with Apple. He also made some interesting comments about Appl...

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Apple pushing for smaller SIM card standard with Orange's backing

An Orange executive told Reuters that Apple has proposed a standardized SIM card that is smaller than those currently found in the iPad and iPhone 4. Apple says the design would allow the company to produce thinner mobile devices. Orange's head of mobile services, Anne Bouverot, told Reuters th...

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Unsung iPad 2 feature: New SIM ejector tool

By now we all know about the iPad 2's A5 processor, its redesigned case, its front and rear-facing cameras. Here's a feature I haven't seen anyone mention yet: the iPad 2 has a new SIM ejector tool. You can see the new tool on the right side of this photo, compared with the original ejector too...

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Rumor: Apple, Gemalto working on integrated SIM

GigaOM is reporting on a rumor that Apple has been working with security firm Gemalto, a simcard manufacturer, to create a software-reconfigurable SIM that will be directly integrated into future European iPhones. The iPhone would then be activated on the carrier of your choice by downloading a carr...

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A wiki for prepaid (iPhone compatible) SIM cards around the world

Here's a great resource for any iPhone user who frequently travels. The Pay As You Go SIM with Data Wiki provides an ever-growing list of disposable SIMs that will work with the iPhone all over the world. The project's goal is to collect a list of iPhone (and Android) compatible pay-as-you-go (PA...

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Cut a standard SIM down to iPhone 4/iPad size

I just got off the phone with Victor Agreda, a call I made on my iPhone 4 using a third-party rebranded AT&T SIM. As you can see from the screen shot above, I wasn't using a standard iPhone SIM. Instead, I placed my call via a $10 Best Buy SIM, which displays as O2 in the US. How did that ...

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Conspiracies, kittens, applesauce, and AT&T SIMs

Yesterday, Steve Sande posted about his experiences testing iPhone 3GS signal attenuation. In his post, he showed a picture I had snapped during our morning experimentation showing my 3GS and my 4 competing head to head with the same carrier. My 3GS appeared to have better signal strength than my...

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Apple: 3G iPads will be unlocked in Japan

Following rumors of carrier-locked iPad 3Gs, Apple has officially announced that Japanese customers will be able to use micro SIM cards from carriers outside of Japan, according to The Wall Street Journal. "Outside of Japan" is the key phrase here. While in the country, customers will receive ser...

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How to cook (and cut) with the iPad

Honestly, we kind of just wanted to post the video above (in which Jake Gyllenhaal uses Apple's magical and revolutionary device as a cooking board, and then decides to make it the main dish), but it turns out that you can use a kitchen utensil on the iPad to some success. Another British man got a...

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