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TUAW's Daily App: SimCity

I probably don't need to explain SimCity to you; it's one of the most classic PC games of all time, and Electronic Arts released it for the iPhone a while go. It's the same game you've played before; you can mark out zones in your city, draw out roads and buildings, and slowly build up your populat...

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SimCity Deluxe coming soon to iPhone

An updated version of the the preferred game for those who want to create cities and watch them prosper or founder is coming to the iPhone this summer. SimCity Deluxe from EA Mobile will have a user interface that improves on the current Sim City offering, with enhancements that make it look a bi...

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SimCity for iPhone: A week later

Last week, Electronic Arts finally released SimCity for the iPhone. Like Rolando, which came a day later, SimCity was an eagerly anticipated game with a lot of high expectations. On the surface, it looks fantastic. The graphic capabilities really shows off what the capacity of the iPhone is capable ...

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Review: SimCity for the iPhone

Welcome to my fledgling city of Saillune. SimCity 3000 was the first computer game I ever bought for myself. Up until that point, I was happy with "borrowing" the games that my brothers bought and playing those. But, after a high school friend showed me SimCity 3000, I wanted it for myself. SimCity...

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SimCity comes to the iPhone

Electronic Arts has released a version of its famous SimCity game for the iPhone. SimCity now joins other EA-released games such as Spore, Scrabble, Monopoly and Tetris. SimCity is the gateway drug into the Sims universe. Created by Will Wright and originally released for the Mac and Amiga in ...

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