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Audiogalaxy brings your music to your iPhone, iPad and more

Ever since Google bought Simplify Media and killed it for the iPhone, there has been a need for a reliable way to get your DRM-free music library to your iPhone. Audiogalaxy has done that, and quite a bit more. Audiogalaxy basically streams your music collection, using a helper app, to another compu...

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Simplify Media, a Mac favorite, bought by Google

We were wondering what happened to Simplify Media, the well-regarded software that offers your Mac ubiquitous access to your DRM-free music and photos via iTunes, an iPhone or iPod touch. In March, we reported that the company was "heading in a different direction," which turned out to be a sale ...

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Your iPhone and iPhoto library are in sync with Simplify Photo

Like its music app on the iPhone, which allows you to use your iPhone to tap into your desktop's music collection, Simplify Media provides similar functionality with photos through its Simplify Photo [iTunes link] iPhone app. Many of us are forgetful in some form, and this trait is especially m...

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Simplify Media update, take 2

Earlier today we reported on an update to the media sharing tool from Simplify Media. It added some nice features, but it also installed a demo share on home machines that was not appreciated by many. It set off a mini-firestorm on the company blog, and we received plenty of negative comments as wel...

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Remote media sharing tool Simplify Media updated

The Simplify Media app for sharing your music libraries across the net or to your iPhone has been updated to version 2.0 (previous coverage here). If you have the app installed on your Mac, PC or Linux computer, you'll see an update notice real soon now. The update includes stability improvements, t...

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Computerworld: Will Apple kill satellite radio?

ComputerWorld has an interesting item this morning by Mike Elgan. It speculates about new features in the anticipated iPhone coming this summer, including an FM transmitter to send iPhone audio to a car radio. It's also thought that the new 3.0 software will enable stereo bluetooth streaming to a ca...

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Simplify Media for iPhone

The Simplify Media iPhone application (iTunes link) v1.1 has hit the App Store. As you can see from the video above, with Simplify Media installed on your Mac and on your iPhone or iPod touch, you can stream your home iTunes library to your mobile device wherever you may be. It will supposedly work...

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Found Footage: Stream music from your computer to your iPhone

Simplify Media allows you to stream music from your home computer (or from the iTunes libraries of 30 of your close personal friends) to your iPhone or iPod touch via WiFi. Admittedly this video is pure marketing, but the concept is cool. I installed a copy of the 1.0 alpha build from Installer.app...

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