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Distinctions without differences: Apple's inconsistent app store rejection policies

I admit, I was one of those to pile on ol' Ma Bell as the culprit for keeping the Google Voice app (don't I wish that was a real iTunes link) off the App Store. Restrictions on Skype and the SlingPlayer app on the iPhone had conditioned me to believe that the "game changing" iPhone had, well, a comp...

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Simplify Music for iPhone fixes nasty demo mode

The very popular Simplify Music [App Store link] iPhone/iPod touch app has now given users the option as to whether or not they want to see the 'demo' library. At the end of last month the updated free desktop app and the iPhone app, $2.99US, were changed so that demo tracks were added to the list o...

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Simplify Media update, take 2

Earlier today we reported on an update to the media sharing tool from Simplify Media. It added some nice features, but it also installed a demo share on home machines that was not appreciated by many. It set off a mini-firestorm on the company blog, and we received plenty of negative comments as wel...

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