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iPod homage seen from space

Sometimes even his Steveness is guilty of having too much time on his hands. Apparently, Mr. Jobs won an abandoned mineral mine in Australia in a game of poker (or so the digg post says). So what does Steve do with the land? Why, construct the world's largest homage to the iPod, of course! The site...

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Getting started with Folder Actions

I'm finding myself spending more and more time at Apple.com/pro, as there are some truly useful tips for getting things done in OS X. Take this tip for example, that C.K. just sent my way: Adding Automation Through Folder Actions. Y'know those Enable/Configure Folder Actions options that show up any...

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Apple launches "Big Ideas" Mac mini page

Apple has launched a new section to their Mac mini product page titled "Big Ideas." This brief new section highlights all the unique things that creative individuals and modders are doing to and with the smallest little Mac that could, including powering a wall-sized digital canvas, a self...

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