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Sketches 1.7 out now

My favorite iPhone artmaking app, Sketches, has been updated again, this time to version 1.7. It's been made compatible with the iPhone 3.0 firmware, which means you no longer have to leave the app to share your pictures via email, and they've added in a few other bug fixes and improvements which wi...

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Sketches updated to 1.5

One of the first applications I used and enjoyed on my iPhone, Sketches, has updated to version 1.5. New in this version is the ability to change the alpha settings for colors (so you can change the opacity of the drawings you make on photos you take), and an edit mode for the corkboard view, to rea...

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Sketches on sale through December 31

The highly-rated and popular drawing app for the iPhone and iPod touch, Sketches, has been on sale through Christmas. Now LateNiteSoft has extended the sale through December 31 to give more people the opportunity to draw on their pocket devices. Sketches (click for TUAW review) is not only fun to le...

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Sketches goes 1.3, offers discount for those who waited

At TUAW, we love the Sketches application for iPhone and iPod touch. Without a doubt, this app is the best way to draw/edit photos on the iPhone -- and it recently got better with update 1.3. This update gives you some additional functionality as well as providing some major improvements to current ...

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Flickr Find: iPhone sketches

We knew it was only a matter of time before this would happen. The fun and frivolous application for the iPhone, Sketches, now has a Flickr pool devoted to its users' quirky creations. From the artistic, to the strange, to the fun, this Flickr pool has them all. If you are a Sketches addict and con...

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First Look: Sketches

Sketches was one of the apps I picked up the very first day the App Store opened -- in fact, it was the first I ever bought, and I bought it as a mistake: Apple's one-click shopping bit me for $7.99 (the app has since dropped in price to $5.99). But it turns out, as a mistake, it was a fortuitous on...

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