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Dear Aunt TUAW: location voodoo

Dear Aunt TUAW, I've recently become the proud owner of a 3rd generation iPod touch. I found the Nike+ app that uses some strange GPS/wifi-triangulation scheme to locate me and how far I run/walk. How does the iPod touch do this? Is it magnets? Smoke? Mirrors? Is this a reliable location-recko...

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Get a TUAW discount on Mac theft recovery service from hidden

Apple's laptops and iMacs are attractive targets for thieves, since they're easy to move and have a good resale value. We've seen several Mac applications or services that work to help you retrieve your favorite Apple product if it is ever stolen; LoJack for Laptops (US$39.95 per year), Undercover (...

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Snow Leopard to include location and multi-touch SDK tools?

AppleInsider claims that Snow Leopard will include developer hooks that will determine a Mac's geographical location and provide additional multi-touch support for Mac laptops with glass trackpads. While Macs don't typically come with GPS built-in, the location determination feature will work simila...

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NetworkLocation brings WiFi positioning to the Mac

Since the introduction of the 1st-gen, GPSless iPhone and the iPod touch, the WiFi location awareness of those devices has been a continuous source of delight to me -- with the underlying technology from Skyhook Wireless, that brave band of cross-country wardrivers, these handhelds manage to know wh...

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