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Apple's iPhone business is as big as McDonald's and Coke combined

It's no secret that the bulk of Apple's revenue comes from the iPhone. During the company's most recent quarter, for example, 53% of its $37.4 billion in quarterly revenue came from its iconic smartphone. For as much as people like to talk about Apple having peaked, the company has a penchant for...

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Debunked: Ridiculous claims of 'pro-life' bias in Siri (Update: Apple responds)

Update: The New York Times has a response. Natalie Kerris, a spokeswoman for Apple, told them: "These are not intentional omissions meant to offend anyone. It simply means that as we bring Siri from beta to a final product, we find places where we can do better, and we will in the coming...

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HP Slate has a bad solution to "too many stickers" syndrome

Daring Fireball points to this little gem in the hands-on gallery our sister site Engadget had with forthcoming Windows would-be iPad competitor, the HP Slate. To explain what you're looking at, you'll need to look into this crystal ball showing an image of HP's product design offices six months...

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"Magic Slate" to be unveiled today at WWDC?

Engadget has some photos of the supposed Multi-Touch trackpad peripheral Steve Jobs is going to unveil today at WWDC. There's some debate on what its name will be, but "Magic Slate" popped up back in December, and then "Magic Trackpad" showed up in an Apple trademark filing in February. The...

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Rumor: Apple gunning for iPad trademark

Even though the WSJ pretty much broke the story on next week's tablet announcement (when the mainstream media prints something as true, it's true, right?), that hasn't kept the crazy tablet rumors from coming in. Earlier in the week, MacRumors and the no-comment-on-the-name

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Apple meeting with "nearly all 6" largest trade publishers

Electronista is reporting today that Apple is in talks with "probably all six" of the largest publishers in preparation for the tablet's release (I think it's safe to officially call it real now). Publishers Marketplace notes that it's all going down in New York City, with ebooks being the topic of...

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New iLife, iPhone OS 4.0, and tablet next week?

Almost everybody who a) cares about Apple and b) is breathing knows already that Apple has an event scheduled for next Wednesday, January 27th. Many people assume that the big surprise could be the announcement of the soon-to-be-non-mythical slate / tablet, but we all know that Apple seldom makes...

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Take two tablets and call us in the morning

Speaking of thin support & quite amusing -- It's not much to go on with respect to a name, but as suggested by reader Nicholas, we did take a closer look at Apple's invitation copy. "Apple's latest creation," without the spaces, becomes "Appleslatestcreation," which of course does contain the...

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VP for France Telecom verifies Apple tablet on the way?

French tech blog had a scoop of sorts this morning. It turns out that Stéphane Richard, VP of France Telecom, was interviewed by Europe 1's Jean Pierre Elkabbach today. During the interview, Elkabbach made a comment to Richard: "According to the weekly Le Point, (in) a few...

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Tablet speculation: How could a tablet connect to the world?

Do you know what word Dave Caolo is hearing in his sleep? Tablet. What phrase is trending mightily on Google Search? Tablet. What is every Apple fanboy and fangirl dreaming of new gift-giving holiday in the March/April timeframe? Tablet. It's what good little geeks hope to find on...

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Rumor: Apple employee says tablet UI has "steep learning curve"

There's yet another tablet post at Cult of Mac today. This time, a reader shares info from a "friend" who works at Apple (the Internet seems rife with people who've got loose-lipped friends at Apple; friends who are willing to discuss their employer's secrets at coffee shops) regarding the tablet's...

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Apple event scheduled for Wednesday, January 27th, NOT the 26th

Apple is toying with us. Remember the information a few weeks ago about the big event scheduled for the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco on January 26th? Of course, all of the Apple bloggers and pundits jumped all over this date as being the date for the announcement of something...

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HTC and other OEMs prepared to challenge the iSlate

The Apple tablet, whether you want to call it the iSlate, the iTablet, or "Betty," hasn't even been verified to exist at this point. However, that's not keeping other manufacturers from coming out with their own competition to the mythical device. At this year's Consumer Electronics Show, which...

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Talkcast tonight: Slate rumors and more, 10pm ET

You can catch last week's show, featuring host Mike Schramm and a rundown of the week's news, via iTunes or Talkshoe. Tonight, we're going to dive into the slate rumors, and take your calls and suggestions for what you expect to see come late January. To participate on TalkShoe, you can use...

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As we mentioned earlier, MacRumors reported the discovery from Mark Gurman that Apple apparently bought the domain name a few years back. This name isn't so shocking when you remember the quote from New York Times executive editor Bill Keller at a meeting on October 26th about the future...

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