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Mac 101: Locking your Mac with a hotkey, like you can with Windows

One of the things that confused me the most when I switched to the Mac platform was the fact that there's no built-in way to lock the computer manually with a hotkey when walking away from it. This is something that was drilled into me from working in an office full of pranksters where leaving your ...

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Mac 101: SizzlingKeys - control iTunes with keyboard shortcuts

Controlling your music while you're working (or playing) on your computer should be virtually seamless. While these days it's almost impossible to buy a keyboard without media keys built-in, there are many users that either don't have media controlling keys on their keyboards, or would simply prefer...

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Put nature in your head

Naturespace [App Store] for the iPhone and iPod touch is a free app that lets you sample very natural and realistic sounds to relax to. They come from the folks at Holographic Audio Theater, who produce some very serene audio tracks for meditating, relaxing, or helping you sleep. The app itself is a...

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A different kind of Alarm Clock

We've reviewed some iPhone alarms before. There are free alarms and alarms you pay for. Some were pretty good, and there is always the built-in alarm. In an attempt to improve upon the standard alarms, some Russian developers have created Easy Wakeup [App Store link] which has been available for jai...

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Mac 101: Put your display to sleep fast

Quick! The boss is coming! Hide your screen! What, you don't have Spaces set up so you can switch to that handy Excel worksheet you've got open? That's okay -- just put your display to sleep. Of course, there are other reasons to want to quickly turn off your display, but they all have one simple k...

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TUAW Sleep-off: Ambiance vs. aSleep vs. your Mac

Everybody needs to sleep, and more than just a few hours each night. It's not just a matter of being in a foul mood all day; there are some pretty serious physiological effects of sleep deprivation. Since you tend to learn the most when you do things incorrectly, I know plenty about lost sleep. Anyt...

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Sleep Display, put your monitor to sleep instantly

Sleep Display does one simple thing: run it and it puts your display immediately to sleep, no fuss, no muss. Of course you could turn manually down the backlight, go to the Energy Saver Preference Pane, or even put the entire computer to sleep, but Sleep Display shortcuts all of this: run the applic...

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Widget Watch: Minutes

The best widgets, in my view, do one simple thing and do it well. That description would fit Minutes, a great little countdown timer widget. With Minutes you just grab the little blue triangle and spin it around to choose your interval (in whole minutes). When it reaches zero it gives you a Growl no...

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Widget Watch: Deep Sleep

Safe Sleep is basically a 'deeper sleep' feature that debuted on the 15-inch and 17-inch PowerBooks last year, and as far as I know, it's included (and enabled by default) on all of Apple's MacBook/Pro portables (and yes, I hear it's basically like the Windows 'Hibernate' state). This deep sleep dif...

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Terminal Tip: Keep your Mac portable from waking when the lid is opened

Although I'm a Mac Geek by trade, I tend to avoid the terminal unless I'm out of other options. I'm a GUI kind of girl. It's the Mac OS that I love, not its Unix underpinnings. I appreciate the power of the command line - I just don't want to spend all day there. Still, once in a while I come across...

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TUAW Tip: shortcuts for Sleep, Restart and Shut Down

We here at TUAW are suckers for productive shortcuts, and since yesterday's System Preferences tip was such a hit, I thought I'd post a few shortcuts to speed up the Sleep, Restart and Shut Down commands. There's actually quite a few ways to accomplish these tasks, so I'll try to mention all the met...

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Put your Mac to sleep fast

The Apple Pro Tip of the week is geared toward keyboarders that want to put their Macs to sleep posthaste! The tip points out that if you hold Command-Option and the Eject button for about 2 seconds your Mac will be off to slumberland. Pretty sweet for the energy conscious Mac user on the go. Now yo...

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