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SlingCatcher to tread on iTV vapor trail?

In the first of what will probably be several moments of Macworld/CES friction, there are reports from Engadget, among other sources, of the latest Sling Media product: the SlingCatcher, a remote receiver for Slingbox streams that will work as a set top box for TVs. With wireless networking and an ...

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SageTV releases Placeshifter for Mac

SageTV has released their Placeshifter client for OS X. SageTV is a two piece solution for making a PC centered PVR. A Windows or Linux PC (with video capture hardware) runs the SageTV Media Center software which offers standard PVR type functions (scheduled recordings, pause live TV, etc.). The Pla...

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SlingPlayer for Mac OS X (beta) lands 10/31

We've seen screenshots, and we've even seen it in action, but now Sharon R., in her first corporate blog post for Sling Media, has laid down the law by announcing a Tuesday, October 31st release date (yea, All Hallows' Eve) of their much-anticipated SlingPlayer for Mac OS X public beta. She even wen...

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Screenshots of SlingPlayer for the Mac

We've mentioned that Sling Media, the makers of the TV streaming Slingbox, are planning on a late October/early November release for the OS X version of SlingPlayer. SlingPlayer is the client that allows you to watch TV streamed from the SlingBox on a variety of devices (soon to include Macs running...

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New Slingbox supports Mac OS X, Symbian - but where's the software?

It's time to check in again on the Slingbox's journey to Mac OS X, as Dave Zatz pinged us with some more details and a purty picture he took off one of the new Slingbox AV models at Best Buy. Turns out there are going to be three new models - Tuner, AV and Pro. Tuner ($150) goes the bare bones route...

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Slingbox beta client coming for Mac OS X

If you're primarily a Mac user, you probably haven't heard much about Slingbox, largely in part because it's never had a Mac OS X client. Slingbox, for those interested, is a device that attaches to your home TV/cable/DVR setup and allows you to stream your TV programming over the internet, typicall...

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