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10 people, 10 face slaps and 10 iPhone 5s slow-mo videos

The iPhone 5s has plenty of fancy features that make it more powerful and secure than any iPhone before it, but it also has some pretty fantastic toys, like slow-mo video capture. Sure, you could use the feature to record some amazing BMX tricks or an adorable squirrel, but that can get old. Do y...

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Video: The 5s slow-mo revolution begins

Yoni Heisler found this slow-motion video on YouTube this morning. It showcases the 5s' new 120fps video capture. The recorded segments, which include vegetable juggling and knife skills, look pretty fabulous in our opinion. The quality of the light on the accelerated shots and the overall image c...

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OK, now I'm excited about the iPhone 5s slow-mo recording feature

When Apple showed off the slow-motion camera feature at the iPhone event last week, I thought it was a neat addition, but it didn't exactly blow me away. Maybe it was just the amount of information being thrown out in quick succession, or maybe it was the sample videos Apple used at the time, bu...

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Slow Moment for iOS saves your memories s-l-o-w-l-y

Slow Moment is a clever iOS app that lets you record video and then slow it down. Just the thing for preserving a stupid pet trick or a moment of athletic glory from one of your kids. The app is simple to use. Take a video of your own or import something you have already done. There is a 12 sec...

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