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iTalkonline Smart ProGel Skin loves your Smart Cover, protects your iPad 2 in TPU

The iTalkonline Smart ProGel Skin case is another TPU Smart Cover-compatible back cover for the iPad 2 that comes in a plethora of colors and configurations. Coverage The Smart ProGel is a basic TPU skin, but covers all edges and the back admirably. Decent sized cut-outs offer easy access t...

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Speck SmartShell iPad 2 companion case with magnetic strip enhances the Smart Cover

Today's Smart Cover-compatible iPad 2 backplate, the SmartShell, is courtesy of Palo Alto-based Speck and has a neat trick up its sleeve. Coverage Like many of the other backplate-type cases, the SmartShell covers the back and edges well. It has good sized cut outs for the ports, mic, butto...

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SwitchEasy CoverBuddy iPad 2 Smart Cover-compatible backplate case

We had a look at a TPU-based Smart Cover-compatible backplate in the last in this series of reviews. Today we're going to be looking at one of the polycarbonate variety, the SwitchEasy CoverBuddy. Coverage The CoverBuddy has pretty good coverage for a polycarbonate case with all edges and c...

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iFrogz BackBone pairs well with iPad 2 cover

There's a lot to love about the iPad 2's Smart Cover, from the fashionable colors to the multifunctional design to its magnetic personality. Unfortunately, the flappy front piece leaves your iPad's backside unprotected. For those of us who tend to drop our magical and revolutionary (yet not ant...

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iPad 2 Smart Cover-compatible cases: our roundup (Updated)

Apple's Smart Cover is a great, versatile screen cover for your iPad 2. It allows you to stand your tablet up, prop it up for typing in landscape and more; it even turns the iPad off automatically when you close it. But it leaves the back of the iPad 2 exposed, and as beautiful as it is, that m...

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iPad 2 + Smart Cover = study aid with Evernote Peek

We tend to kvell about Evernote quite a bit around here, it's true; we've even interviewed CEO Phil Libin on at least four separate occasions. If only the company would stop doing cool things so we could quit harping on them! No luck on that score, at least not today. Evernote claims to have ...

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Rumored 7th generation iPod nano with camera doesn't seem likely

It's always wise to maintain a degree of skepticism with purported photos of next generation Apple products. First of all, they could be fake; secondly, they could be production samples for form factors that might never see the light of day. We're pretty skeptical about this one. In early Apr...

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AViiQ Smart Case for iPad 2 works with your Smart Cover

AViiQ is an accessories manufacturer that loves to do things with aluminum. TUAW reviewed the AViiQ Portable Laptop Stand last October, which is a slender folding wedge of thin aluminum that props up your laptop and takes up little or no space in your bag. Now the company is putting some of tha...

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Modding the iPad 1 to work with the Smart Cover

If you saw the Smart Cover during that announcement a while back and have really wanted to use it with your iPad 1 instead of buying a whole new iPad 2, you may be in luck. One enterprising blogger named Dan Provost agreed with you, and he found that if you super glue a few rare-earth magnets t...

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Video: Replicate Smart Cover sleep mode with a simple magnet

If you're looking for that awesome Smart Cover functionality but don't want to spend forty bucks on a case for your new iPad, it's really simple to add a low-power magnet that will trigger the Smart Cover functionality. All you need is a small strip of flexible craft magnet, available at any loc...

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iFixit tears down Apple's iPad 2 Smart Cover

Tech bloggers love iFixit. The website always purchases and dismantles new devices as soon as they hit the market, primarily for the benefit of people who want to repair equipment or who are curious about the innards of the latest shiny toys. Analysts use their work to determine the manufacturi...

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Apple patents "Smart Covers" for devices

Apple has patented a new kind of cover or skin for devices like the iPhone and iPad. The "smart covers" deliver a paradigm shift for electronic device covers, according to the patent. Apple notes that traditional skins and covers only provide protection from dents and scratches. A smart device co...

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