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London's Covent Garden Apple Store hit by burglars

In what is the most high-profile Apple Store robbery to date, a gang of thugs carried out a smash-and-grab raid on London's Covent Garden Apple Store. The store, which opened fourteen months ago, is Apple's second flagship store. It was built in a remodeled 19th century building and features a ...

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Another smash and grab at the Crocker Park Apple Store in Westlake, OH

On Friday morning, a smash-and-grab robbery of yet another Apple Store took place at the Crocker Park Apple Store in Westlake, Ohio, an upscale suburb of Cleveland. Around 4:30 AM, three burglars smashed in the front window activating the burglar alarm as well as the store's security cameras, w...

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Another 'smash and grab' hits Portland Apple reseller

One sign of the continuing popularity of Apple's product line is the fact that some people will go to extraordinary (and illegal) measures to procure the products. That image at right? It's from a security camera video showing a full-size gray pickup truck with a diamond-plate toolbox in the back ba...

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