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Revisiting SmashMyiPod

Recently, I wrote about the video that was finally posted at SmashMyiPod in a post entitled, "SmashMyiPod nothing but a scam?" In the post, I stated, "...the first nine minutes [of the video] feature the webmaster's purchase of a (brand new, 5G) iPod...Next, he is seen smashing what is clearly a 20G...

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SmashMyiPod nothing but a scam?

We first wrote about SmashMyiPod back on October 10th, and then posted an update on the 21st, when the site had apparently reached its goal. As you may remember, SmashMyiPod was (supposedly) run by some folks who intended to publicly destroy an iPod purchased with funds donated by readers. The destr...

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SmashMyiPod.com reaches its goal

Alternate title: How to waste other people's money. You may remember a couple of weeks ago we told you about SmashMyiPod.com, a site that was collecting money from readers to be spent on an iPod that would immediately be destroyed. As of yesterday, they have acheived their goal. According to the web...

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Website intends to publicly destroy an iPod

Apparently, not eveyone likes the iPod. SmashMyiPod.com is collecting donations so that they can purchase a 20GB iPod, and then immediately smash it at The Apple Store. They'll film the event and then post the resulting footage. Um, yeah. Here's another idea: Why not just take the hard-earned money ...

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