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Your Mac's connection to Harry Potter

The next time you wish to hack into a Mac, it may help to grab your wand and book of spells. At the NoSuchCon security conference this week, security architect Alex Ionescu presented a talk where he revealed that special undocumented code on a Mac's SMC (system management controller) can be invoke...

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Apple issues SMC update to MacBook Pro with Retina display, fixes fan issue

In addition to the OS X 10.8.3 update, Apple has also issued an update for the Retina MacBook Pro. The MacBook Pro Retina SMC Update v1.1 update addresses two major issues owners have been complaining about, including a rare issue where users may experience slow frame rates when playing graphic...

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Apple releases SMC updates to enable Power Nap in Mountain Lion

If you have a Mountain Lion machine eligible for Power Nap, one of OS X's new marquee features, you should check Software Update (via the Mac App Store) to make sure you've got the latest firmware. The enablers for the 2011 MacBook Air machines and the 2012 models were released on July 25, and t...

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SMC firmware update for 2007-2008 MacBooks now available

When my wife got a new 2009 MacBook to replace her dead 2007 model, one minor irritation I had with the new MacBook was that its wall charger no longer worked with my Early 2008 MacBook Pro. That's no longer an issue; today, Apple issued an SMC firmware update for 2007-2008 MacBooks and MacBook P...

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MacBook Pro tip: resetting SMC saved my day

Here's a timely tip if the battery on your Intel based Mac laptop seems to be operating at less than optimum performance. The other day I took my MacBook Pro off the charger and was surprised to see only an hour and 40 minutes of run time, even though the battery was fully charged and only a few mon...

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Apple issues SMC and Firmware update for all unibody MacBooks

Today, Apple issued both SMC and Firmware updates for their entire line of unibody MacBook computers, and the MacBook Air. Read on to discover what was changed for each system, and how you can get the updates. MacBook SMC Firmware Update 1.2 (Download Page) This update "improves the sensing and acc...

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