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Smoking iPhone emphasizes importance of authorized repair work

An iPhone self-ignited during a Regional Express flight in Australia due to a faulty repair. According to a Sydney Morning Post article, the smoking phone was spotted by a cabin crew member, shortly after the plane landed at the Sydney Airport on November 25, 2011. The crew member asked the pas...

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Cigarette case made from an iPod

Cigarette packages will soon get their much-needed updated warning labels, but that doesn't mean smokers have to keep their cigarettes in the new packages. They can always opt for carrying them in their own cases like this custom-made iPod cigarette case. Marianne Wilson gutted her iPod after...

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Smoking kills... your Mac

It should be pretty obvious by now that smoking cigarettes is bad for your health. What's not as obvious is that it might be bad for your Mac, too. According to The Consumerist, two different people got turned down for AppleCare maintenance because their Macs were used in a house with a smoker. Both...

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