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Samsung getting in the mobile messaging business with ChatOn

Samsung today announced they are entering mobile messaging market. Like Facebook Messages, which hopes to kill off text messaging for good, Samsung's ChatOn is a cross-platform messaging service for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and Samsung's own Bada OS that offers users the ability to send text, ...

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AT&T to eliminate $10 text message option for new customers

The company that's becoming increasingly famous for regularly shooting itself in the foot when it comes to customer relations just blew off another toe. Our sister site Engadget reports that AT&T is "streamlining" its text messaging plans for new customers; when translated from PR-speak, th...

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Will iMessage kill wireless carriers' SMS revenues?

In accordance with Betteridge's Law of Headlines, I believe the answer is a resounding "no." The unusually virulent meme quickly spread around the Mac blogging world that iMessage will kill SMS as we know it and, going one stage further, to characterize iMessage as "an attack" on the carriers...

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Yahoo! Messenger lets iPad 2 owners video chat with PCs

Yahoo! rolled out a new Messenger app for iOS that includes support for the iPad 2. The tablet-optimized app will let you make voice and video calls using the front-facing camera. Yahoo! Messenger has a wide install base, and you will be able to make video calls to any device with a camera and ...

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VoxOx releases iPhone app

I wrote about VoxOx earlier this year when I saw the Mac app at CES, and the company has now released an iPhone version that replicates the company's call back service -- they'll connect two different voice lines to each other over your phone. The app can even accept SMS messages, pull off a 20...

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iOS 4.3 spotlight: Message alerts options

Aside from major features like Personal Hotspot and iTunes Home Sharing, iOS 4.3 also brings some subtle changes to the way message alerts work. The settings for the Messages app now allow you to have alert tones repeat up to ten times at two minute intervals, which will come in handy if you're aw...

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AT&T rumored to rework texting plan to counter Verizon iPhone

AT&T may enjoy inviting Verizon iPhone owners to life in the slow lane, but the latest rumor out of GearLive suggests that AT&T may be modifying some of its pricing plans to entice customers to stick with the GSM iPhone. The leaked Best Buy screen grab suggests AT&T will drop several exi...

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VoxOx combines all your contacts into one Mac client

Since we're The Unofficial Apple Weblog, we kept it pretty Apple-oriented during last week's CES conference. There were plenty of interesting Windows apps and other smartphones and tablets around, but if it wasn't Apple-centric, we usually walked past it to find something more our style. But VoxOx ...

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Dear Apple: It's (past) time to let us customize our alert tones

Picture this: you're hanging out at a friend's house, and the familiar "doodle-dee!" of the iPhone's Tri-tone alert sound goes off. But four people simultaneously start reaching for their iPhones, because they're all using that sound for SMS/MMS alerts. Or how about this: you're on a bike ride and g...

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SwirlySMS brings free SMS app to iPad 3G

Released today, "SwirlySMS free for iPad 3G" offers a free SMS solution that allows you to send and receive messages from your iPad 3G. This is a jailbreak-only solution. Available from the Cydia store, the new app uses your iPad's SIM to introduce native texting without having to hack your way into...

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Apple patents content filter for outbound text messages

Ever the kid-friendly outfit, Apple filed a patent in 2008 that aims to make text messaging safer for the children. TechCrunch reports that today, the US Patent and Trademark office awarded Apple a patent which puts a ban on sending obscene text messages sometimes called "sexting." The technology wi...

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TUAW's Daily App: Texto SMS Favorites

There are a lot of weird texting applications for the iPhone, and some of them are pretty hinky in terms of design or function. But Texto is probably the best looking SMS app I've seen -- it doesn't do any weird non-SMS text messaging or have all kinds of neon graphics running around. All it does i...

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myPhoneDesktop controls and sends information to your iPhone or iPad

Sometimes an app is more than an app -- it's about being excited about the underlying technology and why it makes it easier for users to get done what they want to get done, without extra steps that stand in the way. myPhoneDesktop [US$1.99] is that kind of app. It transforms the way you move dat...

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iPad hacksugar: iPad 3G hacked to send native SMS

Here's a cool little find for a quiet Sunday. MuscleNerd of the iPhone dev team has managed to allow his jailbroken 3G iPad to send command-line SMS text messages. This hack only works with SIM cards that have already paid for an SMS plan, in this case a T-Mobile SIM that was downsized to microSI...

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iPhone hacked at Pwn2Own contest

An iPhone got hacked in just 20 seconds at this week's Pwn2Own hacking contest at CanSecWest 2010, reports Ryan Naraine for ZDnet. Hackers Vincenzo Iozzo and Ralf Philipp Weinmann demoed an exploit that allowed them to send a target iPhone to a web site that they'd set up online, and then copied of...

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