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Working with the new Apple Mac mini Server and Snow Leopard Server

It's always nice when, as a Mac consultant, I can play with the latest hardware and software and get paid to do it. Last week was no exception, and when I received a call from a new client who wanted assistance with a Mac mini Server, I jumped at the chance. Since the introduction of the Mac mini i...

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Apple posts two new updates

Just days after all the hardware updates on Tuesday, Apple has posted two new support downloads. The first, Pro Applications Update 2009-01, contains several updates for applications in Final Cut Studio. This update includes Final Cut Pro 7.0.1, Motion 4.0.1, Soundtrack Pro 3.0.1, Color 1.5.1, an...

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Why an Apple-blessed Mac mini server has big possibilities

A few minutes after we heard about all of the new product announcements this morning, this email came in from TUAW reader Daniel: Can you god blessed brains explain in some easy-to-understand way what are the possibilities for a Mac mini server for us non-tech brained mortals? Why, of course we c...

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Apple presents the Snow Leopard Server Tour 2009

OK, so it's really just the Snow Leopard Server Multi-City Seminar and not a huge rock band on a world tour, but if you're more interested in servers than following your favorite group, this announcement should get you excited. Apple's setting up a series of 7 seminars across the country (blissfu...

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