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Make your display's gamma in Leopard match Snow Leopard

John Gruber mentioned in a recent post about Apple's Snow Leopard list of Enhancements and Refinements that one of the small adjustments to Snow Leopard will be that the default gamma on displays will switch from the typical 1.8 value to 2.2, which is what is used on TVs as well as being the long-st...

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Mac 101: Supersize your icon views

Welcome back to Mac 101, our occasional series of tips for new and novice Mac users. Over the past 25 years, icons may have become ubiquitous almost to the point of fading into the visual background; still, the little pictures that began in 32x32 black and white format have grown up quite nicely ...

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Snow Leopard might not be the best code name

The great Mental Floss blog actually did the research on something that occurred to me as soon as Steve said "Snow Leopard" during the keynote -- naming an OS after a cat "sometimes known as the ounce" might not be the best idea. File this stuff in the "didja know" column: snow leopards aren't actua...

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TUAW WWDC 2008 Day 1 coverage roundup

That was a heck of a way to start off WWDC 2008, don't you think? Just in case you didn't get a change to read all of our 40 or so posts today, I thought I would highlight a few. Be sure to check out our WWDC 2008 coverage page for lots more info. The Stevenote TUAW Meta-Liveblog of WWDC 08 Keynot...

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Apple posts Snow Leopard Server information

Many people forget that Apple makes 2 variants of OS X for Macs: client (that's the one you run on your personal Mac) and Server (which is normally found on a server, oddly enough). We've already posted (twice) about the client version of Snow Leopard, but what about Apple's next iteration of their ...

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Apple posts Snow Leopard website

It is clear that Apple isn't ready to talk too much about the next version of OS X, Snow Leopard, but they are eager to set expectations. In addition to the press release we pointed to earlier today Apple has created a new section on its website explaining the focus of Snow Leopard. Snow Leopard ...

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