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Twitter prepares for iOS 5 launch

The launch of iOS 5 is right around the corner and Twitter is gearing up for an onslaught now that the social network will be integrated into iOS. So how is Twitter preparing to avoid a day-long fail whale when iOS launches? According to Twitter's engineering VP Michael Abbott, the social net...

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Google: iOS Google+ hangouts "coming soon"

Google is pushing out a significant update to its Google+ social network that will improve both its website and mobile versions. For iOS users, the Google+ app is getting Hangout support. Similar to Facetime and Skype, hangouts will let users chat with their friends using the front-facing camer...

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Miramax offers video rental via Facebook with iPad support

Miramax is kicking off a movie rental service that'll let you rent movies on Facebook. The Miramax eXperience app is a Facebook app that lets you browse through a starter catalog of twenty movies in the U.S. (10 in the UK and Turkey). Additional movies will be added in September. Each rental ...

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Post to Google+ on your iPhone using DoAT

Reading something interesting on your iPhone and frustrated you can't easily post it to Google+? Now there's a solution that takes some of the pain out of using Google+ on the iPhone. No, it's not the native client from Google. It's DoAT, a content aggregating and reading app. DoAT is one of ...

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Share your iPhone photos to Google + with Piconhand

iOS owners using Google+ are in limbo until Apple approves the official Google+ application. Users can view their stream and send updates using Safari mobile, but they cannot upload photos via this web interface. Thanks to the tight integration between Google's online services, Google+ users ca...

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Recco claims to provide hyperlocal restaurant savvy

The New York Times recently profiled a new iOS app named Recco. It's yet another social network app, but this time one built around restaurant recommendations. Rather than a service like Yelp, Recco is attempting to be extremely local, picking up restaurant recommendations not from people in yo...

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Many iPhone owners run apps before getting out of bed

When you wake up in the morning, bleary-eyed and still in bed, do you reach for your phone to check Facebook or read an email? If you answered yes, you are not alone. According to a survey conducted by telecommunications hardware manufacturer Ericsson, 35 percent of respondents grab their iPhone ...

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Facebook for iPhone can now change its news feed appearance instantly

The official Facebook client for the iPhone was updated recently and one salient change was an improved News feed. On the surface, the news feed changes appeared minimal, but behind the scenes Facebook re-worked the background mechanism that pulls in this status information. According to Insi...

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Raptr releases free iPhone app

Raptr is one of the gaming social networks that seems to have some staying power -- the idea is that you can broadcast and track what and when you're playing, and the network will share all of that information with your friends as it happens. Raptr has just introduced an iPhone app that allows you t...

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Facebook 'very confident' it can work with Ping

Last we heard, Facebook and the new iTunes-based social network Ping were at odds with each other, with Facebook providing "onerous terms" and Apple trying to hook into the bigger network anyway. But maybe they can still heal the rift. Facebook CTO Bret Taylor told Silicon Alley Insider that he's "...

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Steve Jobs: Facebook had "onerous terms" for Ping

Steve Jobs was surprisingly candid with All Things Digital's Kara Swisher yesterday -- he reportedly told her that both Facebook and Apple had spoken about integrating more closely with the new iTunes social network Ping, but Facebook asked for "onerous terms that we could not agree to" regarding F...

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Chillingo officially launches Crystal SDK for iPhone game developers

Chillingo recently announced that it would be launching Crystal SDK, a service joining the increasingly crowded social network market for iPhone games. Xbox Live on the Xbox is an official social network, but the iPhone has no such official service. A crowd of contenders, from the popular OpenFeint...

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