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Tag: socialnetworking

MessageHub tries to be your one stop for all social networks

MessageHub wants to be you go-to app for all of your digital communications. That's not an exaggeration, I mean all. It supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo and more. It also supports email accounts Gmail and Outlook. If you set up all of your accounts in this app, you could keep up with ...

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Check out HelloTel when you check in to your hotel

HelloTel is a brand new social networking app. This app allows users to "check-in" to a hotel much like a user would check-in on location based apps like Foursquare. The user is then also able to see nearby users who have checked into their hotel as well as nearby hotels. It requires iOS 6.0 or ...

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SnapDare is Snapchat and "truth or dare" combined

SnapDare is a social networking app modeled after the classic sleepover party 'Truth or Dare'. It requires iOS7 or later, is optimized by iPhone5 and compatible with the iPod touch and iPad. The app asks you to create a username and password and supply your phone number so that your contacts can...

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Bestie simplifies shopping with a Pinterest-esque approach

Bestie is a shopping app that provides a Pinterest-esque approach to shopping and sharing. Bestie is a free app, which requires iOS 6 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad and is optimized for iPhone 5. At its heart is the concept of curated collection of goods. You can use ...

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Jelly uses photos to ask questions, maybe make a better world in the process

Jelly is an app designed to create empathy, according to Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter. He should know, as it's his new company. Using Jelly, you post a picture and you Twitter and/or Facebook friends who also have Jelly installed can look, answer, ignore or forward your photo question to someo...

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Facebook enables auto-playing News Feed videos in iOS app

Facebook has updated its iOS app with a new "feature" that auto-plays videos in a user's News Feed. With the just-released Facebook version 6.8 for iOS, any time a user scrolls through their News Feed and comes upon a video, it will auto-play instead of only playing when the user has tapped on it. T...

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We now live in a world with two pet-based social networking apps

I love my cats, and I take photos of them frequently and with reckless abandon. That said, I'm not entirely sure I need more than one specialized app just for sharing photos of Nibbler and Cinnamon (don't judge me). Regardless, a couple of months after the iOS version of Peterest hit the scene, we n...

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How Twitter viewed the Apple announcements

Anyone on Twitter yesterday couldn't avoid the rush of tweets about the iPhone 5c and 5s. NetBase is a social media intelligence company that checks the pulse of public opinion through Twitter and other social media, and they provided some data to TUAW about how the announcements were received. Th...

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Twitter iOS app adds new authentication feature, gallery and list support

A major update to the Twitter app for iOS devices was released today, bringing with it added support for features that desktop Twitter users are already familiar with as well as a new account security setting. Chief among the new features is the option to add a two-factor login verification system ...

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Fuse is the app that creates one feed to rule all your social networks

Most of us probably spend too much time on our phones checking in on various social networks. Even if you only subscribe to one or two, you've probably spent time out in public hopping between apps while waiting in line. Fuse is a new app that aims to at least keep all that searching in one place....

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LinkedIn overhauls its iPhone app in version 6.0

The universal iOS LinkedIn app has been updated to version 6.0. The update brings a dramatic overhaul to the iPhone app, plus bug fixes and improved performance on the iPad. According to the LinkedIn Blog, the iPhone app has a new interface, which makes using the app a lot easier to navigate ...

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Vine tops the free app list in the US App Store

Twitter's Vine app has only been available since late January of 2013, but it's already become a favorite app for folks who love shooting, editing and sharing six-second videos of just about everything. Yesterday, Vine reached the number one spot of the US App Store for free apps, causing Vine ...

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Daily iPhone app: Discover fun facts about your significant other using Tokii

Couples looking for a way to grow closer in the midst of a busy schedule should take a look at Tokii. Tokii is a lifestyle app that lets you communicate privately with your significant other via your iPhone. One part of the app focuses on your emotions so you can let your loved one know how you...

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Jingu Friends update brings stickers, emojis and longer messages

Jingu Friends is an up-and-coming social networking app that lets you chat with other people on services like WhatsApp, Kik Messenger, Hookt and LiveProfile. The app was recently updated with a handful of new features that'll help you find friends and chat with even more expression and enthusia...

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Five apps to add style, substance and snapshots to your social endeavors

Are your social profiles too numerous to count? Do you get caught up reading other people's status updates for hours? Would you shudder if you couldn't post to Facebook or Twitter? If you answered yes to even one of these questions, then you need to check out our five socially oriented apps below...

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