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Tag: socialnetworking

DeNA and Square Enix to release new mobile Final Fantasy game

DeNA is one of the larger social networks coming out of Asia lately (they're probably best known around these parts for buying mobile game developer ngmoco), and the company announced this morning that it's teamed up with Final Fantasy creators Square Enix to publish a new Final Fantasy-branded...

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Facebook updated to 5.1, upgrades messaging and adds Gifts

Facebook's latest update for iOS makes it a tad easier to start private conversations and share photos with those on your friends list. Version 5.1 adds the handy ability to simply swipe left anywhere within the app to see what friends are currently chatting. You can also prioritize your chat part...

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AOL previews cloud-based Alto mail, iCloud-ready

AOL is now taking beta invite requests for its new Alto email congregation tool. Not looking to compete outright with the likes of Gmail, Yahoo! or its own AOL client on the email front, Alto will instead act as a singular destination for users to check all their existing accounts at once. The ...

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Color closeout story shifts; team said to be headed to Apple

It's been a Color-ful 24 hours for anyone following the several contradictory stories surrounding the future of the exorbitantly-funded social media company Color. As the dust settles, it appears that Apple is poised to purchase the heart of Color, just not its name. The saga started when an ema...

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Klout adds Passbook support and perks

The social app Klout has updated its iPhone app, with a few surprising features. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of Klout. It's gotten a little bit of a reputation for being spammy, and I think the way it rates influence is more or less meaningless. However, there's one feature of the new app th...

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Daily iPhone App: Plume is a simple and charming social network-powered reader

Plume was recommended to me a while back by fellow TUAWer Brett Terpstra, and while it does look lovely on first site, it's one of those apps that really only shows its usefulness after a while. Plume is a reading app (currently for iPhone only) that pulls links and content automatically from...

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AppNet Rhino available for iPhone

Social network is attracting users who are unhappy with Twitter's recent changes. While these defectors may be pleased with their new social home, many are having a hard time leaving behind iOS clients like Tweetbot. Though it's no Tweetbot, users clamoring for an iOS client sho...

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Daily iPhone App: Pushr posts your prose to a plethora of social networks

Pushr is for social media power users who want to share content across multiple services and multiple accounts. In its basic form, the app lets you create a message and share it across multiple social networks. You can also share comments, pictures and videos with only a few taps. You get a l...

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GetGlue app gets update, has millions of users

GetGlue has been around for about two years; it was the first social networking app that let you check in and review TV shows, movies, and books. In that time, the app has captured a community of 3 million fans who have contributed over 500 million checkins and reviews. Now GetGlue is announcin...

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Pinterest now ready for iPad

Pinterest is rolling out its mobile apps and making it easy for users to pin things on the go. The image-centric social network announced today that it released a universal iOS app that includes a new iPad version and an updated iPhone version. On the iPad, the app mimics the website with a f...

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Path gets new sharing features, better camera

Users of social networking app Path have a few new features this morning that should make them very happy. The free app, which allows sharing only to a few (150) good friends, is quite popular as it serves as a gateway to posting on other services such as Twitter and Foursquare. To start with, ...

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Vyclone app for iPhone makes "social filmmaking" possible

A hallmark of modern filmmaking is the use of multiple cameras to capture various viewpoints, then editing those viewpoints to create a seamless flow of images and sound. Now there's a new iPhone app called Vyclone (free) that lets a group of budding filmmakers film the same event from differen...

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Google+ app updated with iPad support

Not to be outdone by Twitter's big update today, Google has also updated its Google+ app, with support for the recent Google+ Events feature, full support for usage on the iPad, and the ability to start and join hangouts directly from the iOS interface. It's pretty snazzy -- if you're a Google+...

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LinkedIn arrives on the iPad

Well, who could have seen that coming? LinkedIn has released version 5.0 of its iOS app and the big feature is that it now natively supports the iPad. LinkedIn is currently the world's third largest social media site with 150 million members in over 200 countries. On the iPad the LinkedIn app...

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Zynga acquires Draw Something dev OMGPOP for $200 million

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how App Store fortunes are made. We've posted already about the almost overnight success of Draw Something, an app that has picked up over 30 million downloads and even beaten Zynga at its own game on Facebook. And because everyone knows that Zynga has plenty ...

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