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Sonos adds new hardware and lowers the entry cost to whole house music

The very popular Sonos whole house music system has announced a new wireless music player and lowered the price on its Zone Bridge device making the cost of getting into the Mac compatible system significantly cheaper. Sonos is now offering the Play: 3, a US $299.00 compact stereo speaker syste...

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Testing the Sonos-AirPlay solution

AirPlay is a very cool technology, but it's limited to the second generation Apple TV and a few receivers. Sonos, as I reported last week, has come up with its own way to integrate AirPlay into a multi-room music system, and the company was nice enough to lend me an Apple AirPort Express to try i...

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Ask TUAW Video Edition: Airport Breakdown!

Happy Tuesday!!! Dave is a nice boyfriend who purchaed an AirPort Extreme for his girlfriend's birthday in order to help her. While the Extreme solved her printing/backup issues, he wanted to know about playing music through it. Today we discuss the different AirPort base stations and show Dave ...

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Sonos music systems now support AirPlay, but there's a catch

Sonos, creator of a well-reviewed, multi-room, wireless music system, has updated its software to support Apple's AirPlay. It means a Sonos music system owner can wirelessly send music from an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to any room that has a Sonos Zone Player. The catch is that you have to bu...

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iHome gives further details on AirPlay-ready speakers

iHome's first AirPlay compatible wireless speaker system didn't make it out for the holiday season as expected, but they have just released further information on the system, now known as the iW1. We first got wind of the iW1 last September. Back then we simply knew that it would be a wireless s...

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Sonos adds slick wireless dock for iPods and iPhones

Sonos music systems are showing up in a lot of homes. They put music into any room of your house without hassle or wires. There are other solutions, including a good one from Apple, but the Sonos system is elegant and it "just works." Now Sonos has added a wireless dock. Plug it into the wall, put y...

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Win a Sonos ZoneBridge and ZonePlayer S5

If you've read our reviews of the Sonos ZonePlayer S5 or their iPad and iPhone remotes, you may have said, "I'd like to get a Sonos system but I can't afford the price." Well, today may be your lucky day as we're giving away a Sonos ZonePlayer S5 and a Sonos ZoneBridge to one fortunate winner! T...

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TUAW review: Sonos S5

A few weeks ago, I had a chance to visit the Sonos offices in Cambridge, MA to speak with Jon Reilly, Sonos product manager, and get a demo of the ZonePlayer S5 and the iPad app (free). Sonos makes wireless home music systems, which we've covered here before. I've also spent the last month with 2 S...

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Sonos delivers free iPad remote for its wireless music systems

It must be 'iPad Remote Week' because hot on the heels of Apple releasing iTunes remote control for the iPad, Sonos has delivered a very nice, free iPad remote that is feature complete, and elegant in execution. Previously, Sonos owners had to make do with the iPhone version of the app, which only r...

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Sonos introduces wireless dock for iPods and iPhones

Sonos has announced a new accessory for owners of the Sonos wireless music system. The Wireless Dock allows you to quickly connect an iPod or iPhone and access the music on it from any room in the house that has a Sonos ZonePlayer. The device is a pretty clever idea that is a natural expansion of th...

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Sonos offers new portable music system controlled by iPhone or iPod touch

Sonos has announced a portable wireless music system that uses an iPhone or iPod touch for a controller. The Zone Player S5 is a one piece, 5 speaker music player that can access your iTunes library or any internet radio station, as well as Napster, Rhapsody, Pandora, or Sirius if you have t...

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Sonos remote for iPhone and iPod touch does it all

If you're lucky enough to have a Sonos music system in the house, you've got lots of music everywhere. The Sonos is a deluxe, wireless distribution system that integrates beautifully with iTunes, and can get your music, Sirius Radio and Pandora,, Napster, Rhapsody and Deezer to any room wher...

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Sonos adds more firepower to iPhone app

Sonos, maker of the highly regarded multi-room music system, has updated the free controller software the company provides for the iPhone. The Sonos Controller [App Store link] allows the selection of music or playlists, selection of internet radio stations, control of Pandora, Napster, and ...

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