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Sony releases a PlanetSide 2 app for iOS

Sony has released PlanetSide 2 Mobile Uplink (free, universal), an iOS app that connects with the popular online game PlanetSide 2. The MMO has you traipsing around another world, trying to claim facilities and land for one of three factions. Now, PlanetSide 2 Mobile Uplink will help you track ...

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iTunes exclusively streaming David Bowie's new album

As reported by Apple Insider, David Bowie's forthcoming album, The Next Day, is exclusively available to stream on iTunes in its entirety until March 12th, when the album is released. The Next Day, available for pre-order now, is Bowie's first album in 10 years and has come as somewhat of a s...

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Apple's place in the next generation of gaming

Sony is holding an event this Wednesday in New York, where the company is expected to announce the next version of its popular PlayStation console, essentially kicking off the next generation of video gaming (Nintendo actually did this last year with the launch of its Wii U console, but sales o...

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Apple grabs more than 1,000 patents from Rockstar Consortium

Apple is beefing up its patent portfolio with the recent transfer of over 1,000 patents from Rockstar Consortium. The patent and patent application transfer was first reported by Yonhap News and confirmed by patent transfer records in the US Patent and Trademark Office database. Apple is a me...

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Fourth generation iPad bests Playstation Vita in graphics power

Portable gaming has come a long way in recent years, but in many ways the biggest push for gaming on the go has come from smartphone and tablet makers, rather than video game hardware manufacturers. Nowhere is this more apparent than a recent GPU throwdown test by AnandTech that shows the new f...

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Sony reader for iOS now available

If you own an iOS device and have for some reason been refusing to simply use iBooks for your e-book needs, Sony is swooping in just in the nick of time two-years-late with its own Reader app. The new app is rather basic in its feature set, with exciting bullet points like "Create your own bookmar...

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Free movies on iOS with Sony's Crackle app

Crackle, from Sony, is a free universal iOS app that's built to stream plenty of free-to-view movies and TV shows. If you don't mind ads at the beginning and more in the middle of the programs and you're OK with the app's limited selection, it's worth a look. Not surprisingly, a lot of the movi...

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Sony announces new pro audio suite for OS X

It's been a long time coming, but Sony is ready to give the Mac a significant pro boost with the imminent release of Sound Forge Pro Mac audio recording, editing and mastering software. Sony says the software is not a port of Sound Forge for Windows, but was built from the ground up to support ...

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Sound Forge Pro apparently coming to the Mac

A series of teaser videos have revealed that Sony's popular audio editing and production app, Sound Forge Pro, is finally making its way over to the Mac. There's unfortunately no details on a release date or any other release information, but a site called has been teasing a...

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The Sony device Samsung claims inspired the iPhone is a Walkman

Samsung is waging its legal battle against Apple in a California court and, in a move that angered Judge Lucy Koh, is sharing some of its rejected evidence with the media. Last week, the company went public with a brief that suggested Apple borrowed heavily from Sony when it designed the iPhone...

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Sony releases Music Unlimited for iPhone

After launching its Music Unlimited service for Android and PlayStation Vita owners, Sony is now bringing the streaming music service to the iPhone and iPod touch. The free music app requires a US$4 monthly subscription and lets you stream music over 3G, 4G or WiFi connections. You can listen t...

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Apple, Sony, others sued by Graphics Properties

Apple and a few other big electronics companies are facing yet another lawsuit, this time from a company called Graphics Properties, formerly known as Silicon Graphics. These patents target a process that turns text and images into pixels for display on mobile screens, and Silicon Graphics is c...

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Sony to bring Music Unlimited app to iOS

That's the report from TechRadar today. The article quotes Shawn Layden, COO of the Sony Entertainment Network, who says "We will be launching our music service on iOS in the next few weeks." The Sony executive says the service will be healthy competition with Apple. Music Unlimited is Sony's o...

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EverQuest Mac saved by the fans

EverQuest Mac, or EQMac, is a fascinating version of the very popular (and classic, at this point) MMO EverQuest. The title is basically an unsupported version of EverQuest, still running on Sony's servers, but a version that does not include most of the current PC game's expansions and new featur...

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Sony raises prices on Whitney Houston's iTunes catalog, media rushes to blame Apple

In a textbook example of a failure to think first and type later, Digital Spy and The Daily Mail both rushed to blame Apple when it became known that prices for Whitney Houston's iTunes catalog were hiked up only a day after the singer's passing. The only apparent source for Digital Spy's take on t...

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