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No Comment: Woman buys wooden iPad

This is a completely hypothetical situation: Someone in a McDonald's parking lot says he picked up an iPad for a cheap $300, and wonders if you'd want to buy it off of him for just $180. You decide why not (because reputable salesmen always just hang around in the parking lots of fast food plac...

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First South Carolina Apple Store to open Saturday

The last time that we looked into the Charleston, South Carolina Apple Store, they were only in the construction/hiring process. Well, the time has finally come: some South Carolinians will rejoice, while others (like me) will want more. Apple has announced that the first South Carolina store will o...

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Apple to open first retail store in South Carolina?

Ever since the CompUSA closings, South Carolina has definitely been lacking as far as Apple retailers go. We're one of those states without an official Apple Store, until now. According to a local news source in Charleston, South Carolina, an Apple Store is in the works and the permit application ha...

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