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Fire in the hole is a blast for some

Fire in the hole (free) is an arcade-style game similar to Space Invaders, featuring 8-bit graphics and a retro soundtrack. The controls are easy to pick up. You control when to shoot a bomb from the cannon that moves side-to-side at the bottom of the screen and when to explode that bomb to take...

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Taito is making its own iPad arcade cabinet

First ThinkGeek's iCade went from joke concept to real product, then Atari introduced its own iPad gaming controller. Now Taito, maker of legendary video game Space Invaders, is joining the fray with the InvaderCade. GameSetWatch reports the cabinet has only a single button and a ball-top joystic...

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TUAW's Daily App: Invaders World Tour

Just one look at the screenshot tells you what you're dealing with in Invaders World Tour: invaders, of the space kind. The game is a really well-done Space Invaders clone, with colorful graphics, an interesting tilt-to-move mechanic, and power-ups to help you take out the invading menace. The game...

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Mac ASCII Invaders

If you're in the mood to shoot down some aliens, Mac ASCII Invaders plays exactly the way you expect it to: left and right arrows to move your weapon, the space bar to fire. This is Chuck Houpt's Macintosh port of Thomas Munro's ASCII version of Space Invaders. It's a "termlet"; you install the sof...

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