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Mac 101: Additional tips for OS X Lion's Mission Control

TUAW's Dave Caolo did an in-depth look at OS X Lion's new window/application manager, Mission Control, the day of OS X Lion's launch. If you're completely confused about Mission Control's features, Dave's post is a good place to get a baseline of knowledge on this new feature. In this post, I'l...

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Mac OS X Lion and Mission Control

Lion's Mission Control represents the evolution of three technologies introduced with earlier versions of Mac OS X: Spaces, Exposé and Dashboard. With Mac OS X Lion, Apple has merged the three into a single interface, called Mission Control. It offers an at-a-glance overview of the applicat...

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Patent hints at Apple's Spaces on the iPad

PatentlyApple has dug up a patent application Apple filed with the USPTO, which demonstrates that Apple is at least considering bringing Spaces to the iPad. While not mentioning the iPad by name, the patent does say that "In some embodiments, the device [for this patent application] is a deskto...

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What's that menu item mean on my Mac?

Ever since you've started using your Mac, you've been looking at those icons towards the top right of your display in your menu bar. These items can direct to many different things, from connecting to a wireless network, to finding items on your Mac. These items not only can be clicked on to show a...

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Office 2008 and Spaces issues, finally fixed in Snow Leopard?

One feature of Mac OS X, sometimes forgotten about, that has caused gripes from many users for a long time is Spaces. When it was first introduced almost two years ago in Leopard, some applications would not always "play nice" with each other, causing windows not to display or move correctly. Mic...

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Mac 101: Spaces for your screen and brain

Have you ever needed more room on your screen? Or have you ever needed a way to organize all the stuff you are working on with your Mac? Mac OS 10.5, aka Leopard, debuted a feature called Spaces: a way of creating extra screens on your Mac. Think of them as virtual workspaces, where you can easily...

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Mac 101: Drag an entire application from one space to another

Spaces is a very nice way to manage all of your Mac's applications. You can have certain applications set to open in certain Spaces, and you can drag windows between spaces by clicking the Spaces application icon in the Dock (or menu bar). But did you know there is a simple way to drag all of appl...

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Dock Spaces: a different Dock for each Space

Dock Spaces is a nifty little utility that allows you to have up to ten different Docks. What makes it different, however, is its integration with OS X's built-in Spaces virtual desktops. Now you can have a different Dock in every Space that automatically switches when you move to the new Space. Wit...

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OmniWeb 5.8 released

The Omni Group has released version 5.8 of OmniWeb, its venerable browser software. OmniWeb 5.8 is now based on the same version of Webkit as Safari 3.1.x. It also fixes bugs with Spaces, and adds support for non-POSIX file URLs. Users can also choose Google Chrome in the list of user-agent strings...

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Important Spaces change in 10.5.3

Over at Daring Fireball John Gruber has discovered an interesting change in the recently released 10.5.3 update. There is now a checkbox in the Spaces tab of the Exposé & Spaces Preference Pane which changes what happens if you switch to an application (via ??? + Tab or the Dock) that do...

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TUAW Tip: Assigning apps to Spaces

Spaces, Leopard's virtual desktop feature, is excellent for expanding your desktop by up to 16 workspaces, however, it would be really cool if you could assign specific applications to always open in the same space. Well, you can! All you have to do is open the Spaces preference pane (Apple Menu &...

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Warp: change Spaces with your mouse

Kent Sutherland, the developer of the well-known Chax, a utility for making iChat easier to use, has a nice new utility for improving Leopard's Spaces virtual desktops as well. Warp is a preference pane allows you to switch between Spaces just by hovering the mouse cursor on the screen edge. You can...

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Seven cool features of Leopard that might get stubborn friends to upgrade

There are dozens of little niceties in Leopard: like how Front Row now lives on my iBook (sans remote) and allows me to operate the thing as a sort of thin-client media jukebox (courtesy a Mac mini server). Or how Font Book now prints books of your fonts (especially nice for those non-techies). With...

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VirtueDesktops Developer Calls It Quits

Tony Arnold, the developer of the free virtual desktop program VirtueDesktops, on Saturday announced that he is no longer going to develop the software. Citing Leopard's forthcoming Spaces and the time necessary to work on the project as reasons, he has decided to stop development at this time. He s...

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Get the skinny on Spaces

Our good friend Dan Frakes, writing for Macworld, takes a look at Spaces which is Apple's virtual desktop manager to be introduced in Leopard. Dan points out that Apple isn't the first to think of this feature (much like Time Machine) but that they have implemented it well. Dan gives Spaces a very ...

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